Friday, February 5, 2010

Hunkering Down

photo by captpiper

In case you haven't heard, there is supposed to be a massive blizzard on the East Coast. I hope you are ready.
There is no milk at the grocery store. There are no parking spots at Target. The weatherpeople on TV are giddy. It cracks me up.
Having grown up in a location where there was always lots of snow but never any national news coverage, I just think people get a little hyper about precipitation around here.
But it is kinda fun. Between the snowmania and the Superbowl, everyone has been rushing around for the past two days and it's all like we're getting ready for one big party together.
Personally, I cannot wait for my snow day tomorrow. Basketball, Pet Pals and all other extra-curriculars have been cancelled. Snacks have been purchased. Library books are piled near the fireplace. A fresh stack of dvd's wait expectantly.
I am envisioning myself sleeping til noon, reading peacefully by the fire and, perhaps, watching a romantic costume drama. Then taking a nap.
Reality will more likely involve muddy bootprints, spilled hot chocolate and two hundred of those teeny plastic Battleship pegs dotting my family room floor. Still, I'm trying to keep my dream alive.
What are you doing this weekend?


Tristan said...

I heard about that crazy storm coming out there from my sisters-in-law that live in Baltimore. They said it was funny how people are acting too.

My weekend will be filled with unpacking and running errands. Then Superbowl Partay! :)

Jeanelle said...

You're SO lucky. I want snow and instead it's sunny and 58 degrees in FEBRUARY! :( I'm stamping tonight, going to an RS thing in the morning and then coming up with a brilliant/fun/clever way to teach "He Sent His Son" to the Primary kids on Sunday.

Robin said...

I get excited about the weather too. I bet you are fully stocked and ready to go. Have a fun cozy snow day!

Linsey said...

I always loved going to the grocery store in DC when a storm/blizzard/hurricane was expected. People just went crazy -- I thought it was hilarious. The annoying thing was, those storms almost always seemed to hit on the weekend and by Monday morning everything was open for business again.

As a kid who grew up on an island and never had a snow day ever, I waited breathlessly each time for the Government to shut down and then everything else.

Have fun this weekend and drink some extra hot chocolate for me!

Amy said...

We are having a cozy weekend of our own here in Utah, not because of snow, but because of Strep! Chloe and I are both waiting for antibiotics to kick in. And knowing how close are family habitat is, Jess and Ashley are likely to be infected. Rainbow sherbet, Sprite, homemade cookie dough in the fridge, and blankets and crafts strewn about, with all of us in our pjs, is a party just waiting to happen. I love freeing up a Saturday and lining up the movies on our "Play Instantly" queue. Hopefully this cozy weekend will include a lot of couch-time for me. We'll be thinking of you guys tucked away in snowy PA!

Christie said...

I am counting my blessings that I no longer live on the east coast. I hate those dumb Nor'Easters.

We are having a dessert party tonight with our ward emergency preparedness group to discuss what we'd do in an emergency. You know. Like a Nor'Easter. Hmmm. I'm going to suggest we stay in Missouri. They don't have those here.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i was laughing at your vision of tomorrow... i'm glad you threw in the dose of reality.

Heather said...

Looks like we moved just in time. Although we've had plenty of snow in Colorado, just not any blizzards. I hope that your weekend is wonderful. We miss you guys.

Annemarie said...

I love a good snow day!

I hope you at least get a nap.

Diane said...

I love to hunker down, just like you're dreaming of. Of course, your dose of reality is likely to come true.

I'm having 50 people (extended family) for dinner on Sunday, hoping they leave quickly, then watching a Tivo'd Superbowl game cozied up to my husband. (I hope Austin Collie plays well.)

Lauren in GA said...

When we lived in Virginia we used to laugh about how a forecast of snow seemed to equal the ushering in of the Apocalypse. I remember the no milk or bread in any store.

We just have cold...but not freezing rain, here in Georgia this weekend. Blech.

I hope you have a cozy weekend and can actually read.

Susan said...

How much snow did you end up getting? My parents got over 30" and then the electricity went out -- so no heat for two days while being stuck in the house. I always enjoyed snow days as a kid. Out of school and we got to play in the snow what could be better than that. (I found you through my sister-in-law Casey - love your blog.)

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