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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seven Questions...Your Crowning Glory

This is AnneMarie. One of my newest and cutest friends!

The first thing I noticed about AnneMarie was her darling short haircut. And when I discovered she was a stylist, I knew I had to chat with her about one of my!

Who doesn't feel better when their hair looks great? Here is AnneMarie's advice on taking care of your tresses...

#1--First of all...I LOVE your cute cut! Do you cut your own hair? If not, is it hard to trust someone else to do it? Do you have any hair "issues"? How do you deal with them?
I WISH I could cut my own hair. In a pinch I can chip into the layers, but that is it. My hair is cut on a regular basis by my sister-in-law. She knows me (and my hair) well and does a fabulous job. Occasionally (when we’re in town) I get really lucky and my sister, Diane, cuts it. It runs in the family!!
I have a lot of thick, straight hair, which can be a blessing and a curse. I prefer to wear it on the short side because it takes too long to dry it if it’s long. When I was a little kid I used to get headaches from my pony tails!

#2--Are the expensive "salon brands" really better than drugstore hair products? Do you have a favorite line?
I think that salon products are a MUST if you do anything chemically to your hair like color or perm.

Also, a good conditioner is important if you use a flat iron.

Professional products really are better. They contain enough water so that they usually do not build up on your hair. Store bought conditioners contain a lot of wax so they really just make your hair feel conditioned when it really is just coated.

My advice is to buy 1-2 professional shampoos and 1-2 store bought and just switch off every other day. And remember, professional products are highly concentrated so you don’t need to use as much (so it should last a while).
Right now, I am using the KIWI line, but I am not that picky. I’ll try whatever is on sale!!

#3--Have you ever made a horrible mistake with someone's cut or color? How did you correct it?

My first color correction in a salon was a NIGHTMARE! It was a teenage girl who had dyed her hair jet black & wanted to go back to her natural light brown color. (Not an easy process for a recent beauty school grad!)

She was there for several hours one evening, and back again the next day. Eventually, after a few phone calls to my beauty school instructor, it worked out & she had a full head of light brown hair. WHEW!

Also, I snipped the top of my mom’s ear once. Luckily she was my nicest client!!

I’m sure there were other times, but, thankfully, you get really good at covering up mistakes…

Cute short haircut

#4--What advice would you give to someone who is unhappy with her current stylist? What's the best way to find someone new?

Move on! Take a look around at the mall, grocery store, or park for cute haircuts. If you see a cut/style that you really like, ask that girl who her stylist is. Be realistic about different hair types and that what works for one person may not work for another.

#5--What are the top five hair mistakes you see women make?
*Wearing the same hairstyle since High School. Come on, be brave…change it!

Good long hair

*Long hair (I’m talking middle of the back or longer). Very few women can pull this off. (But the women who can pull it off do look fabulous!) We’re not teenagers any more. The laziness sets in and so does the pony tail. At least cut it to shoulder-length.

Not one of AnneMarie's clients!

*Dark roots (2 inches or more). I know, it’s hard & expensive to keep it up…but you’ve made a commitment. If you want to prolong the time between colors, have a little of your natural color woven in to blend the line a little.

*Women who color their own hair. Usually a BIG mistake. Getting an all-over color in a salon really is not that expensive, and so worth it. Highlights are another story…NEVER attempt this one on your own. Believe me, many women do.

*Picking a style that just doesn’t work for your hair. If you have a good stylist, she should be honest and tell you if something isn’t going to work. (If they are not offering that advice….ASK, ASK, ASK!)

OR, picking a style that is too high maintenance for your lifestyle is also a problem. If a style/cut is too hard for you to maintain, you won’t do your hair. Make sure you have a style that works for you.

If you need a tutorial from your stylist…ASK! That is their job. You are, after all, their walking advertisement and they should be happy to help you out.

Great color and cut

#6--What's your opinion on hair extensions? Just for celebs? Can real women pull them off?

I know many women who have tried hair extensions. Some have loved them and some have not. I think they are great for a change. Keep in mind that they are expensive and time consuming when they are initially put in.

#7--Everybody knows a hair salon is better than a soap opera for gossip and drama. What is it like working in that type of environment? Is it really catty and competitive? Or just a great big slumber party? Any juicy stories you could share?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve worked with a group of women in a salon (since kids I’ve worked…or not…from home). A salon is DEFINITELY a soap opera. It is a little competitive when you are starting out and trying to build a clientele, but once that is established it isn’t too bad.
Juicy stories??? I have heard way more than I ever wanted about marriage problems, sex lives, neighborhood gossip, etc. Extremely uncomfortable when you are the stylist to everyone involved in those stories. Makes the day fly by, though!!

It really is a fun environment. There was a time when I couldn’t believe that I was being paid to talk to people all day.

Thanks, AnneMarie!

AnneMarie's blog is as cute as she is...she also recommends this site and this one if you're looking for the perfect style!

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