Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Heart Fall

The absolute best thing about starting school in July is getting two weeks off in October. So beautiful.

We started early and headed up to The Motherland last week.

I know a lot of folks don't like Utah, but they just don't know the right Utah people. Or the good places to eat. I, for one, love visiting the Beehive State. I know all the right people and am related to most of them.

The only photo I can get off my phone. More to come.

Highlights of our trip have included: meeting old friends, a 64th birthday bash, ATV rides, taking the big kids to General Conference, Twinkie Power squared, Alpine Sliding and some serious cousinlove.

We've spent the past few days in Park City and I've loved it. Our family had a getaway place here when I was growing up and a drive up the canyon always meant something fun was going to happen. Feeding the ducks and roasting marshmallows. Singing along with the old-fashioned player piano. Breakfast at a restaurant or skiing at Deer Valley, if we were really lucky.

Brad and I came here on our honeymoon. We've brought our kids almost every year. Now it's a place full of happy memories for them as well as for me. After all the summer upheaval, it is heavenly to spend a few days resting in the mountains. We're loving the autumn colors and crisp weather.

What am I reading? My mom's awesome book, Son of a Gun, of course! Did I tell you she is being published?! And it's really really good. Watch for it at a bookstore near you.

Tomorrow we head to Vegas.

I am seriously loving October.


Lindsey said...

I didn't realize that you were going someplace other than UT! I am glad I stayed, it has been raining cats and dogs, and the kids have loved it. Plus, I have been keeping myself busy with my little plan. If you were here, I would have drug you along. But glad you are enjoying your little trip!

Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks for the links! I'm totally flattered!

Christie said...

You look really cute in that picture. Love your blouse! Did you eat at Hires? That's about my favorite thing in Utah besides family. Yum.

Rochelleht said...

How fun for your mom!!! I love Utah, too. Obviously, I wouldn't spend every summer there. But I also wouldn't live there. ;-)

the wrath of khandrea said...

i agree with you... utah is a really great place to visit. i actually love going there, and there are probably more people i know in love now in utah than in any other state. i could just never, ever live there.


the wrath of khandrea said...

...more people i know AND love...

Melissa Walker said...

How fun to have a Fall break! What a perfect time for a getaway-and Utah has beautiful October weather!
I love to visit and I think I could probably live there too--lots of wonderful people and wonderful memories!

Lauren in GA said...

That is so neat that your mom is being published!

I like the way you call Utah The Motherland.

I have only been to Utah twice, (Once was the MTC, and the other time was for my brother's wedding.) and I thought is was great.

Have fun in Vegas, baby. ;)

martha corinna said...

I always call Michigan the motherland and long for it, but I have to admit that Utah is perfect right now. The mountains are vivid and the 60-70 degree weather is exhilerating, so no hatin' is coming from me.

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