Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Blogging, right now, is kind of like the pretty round bronzed mirror that looked so good in the entry of our old house but is now sitting dustily on a stack of cardboard boxes. I love it. I miss it. But I'm just not quite sure where it fits in the new place.

I have many blog-able thoughts and moments during the course of my day, but I haven't quite figured out when and how to get them all down.

My days are so busy right now. I don't know why. So many of the things that used to take up my time--half-day kindergarten, early morning Seminary, driving along winding, country roads to get anywhere--are no longer part of my routine. I've found a handful of new friends, but my social calendar is still pretty empty.

I guess it's the four kid thing that keeps me hopping. When they're around, they need food and help with homework and (unfortunately) a whole lot of sibling refereeing. When they aren't around, I'm buying their food, washing their clothes and making copies on the Riso machine for their teachers.

And what's taking up the rest of my time? As Dr. Seuss might put it... "Oh the house. Oh the house. Oh the house, house, house, house. That's the one thing she's doing. The house, house, house, house."

New houses are a lot of work. I have to keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day and that it took years before I was happy with all the paint colors and window treatments in our old place. We went ages without a finished basement and eons before Brad built the back patio. In fact, it was not the house of my dreams at all until we put it on the market last spring.

But, in my old age, I'm a lot less patient. I know how I want things to look. And I want them to look that way. Now. I drive myself a little crazy. Hanging things up, taking things down. Buying things. Returning things. And I'm still learning my way around town, so usually each errand takes twice as long as it should. See? Low-stress and inexpensive and eco-friendly!

Brad has been extremely patient with this whole nesting process. I mean, let's face it. The guy, if left to his own devices, would live in a house with one MASSIVE tv and a lone, comfortable (but hideous) black leather chair. A bed with a mattress so firm it'd need a medical prescription with no designer throw pillows. The walls would all be white without a single nail hole or picture hook to be found. There would be no toile in his world.

So, Babe, this post is dedicated to you and your generosity of spirit (and checkbook). I promise once all the drawer pulls are installed and the curtains hung, I will return to my former low-key, easy-going self. Yes, really.

Also, I promise, more blogging. More often. I miss it.


Brad said...

Gab, you are the best and I love you...no matter what!

Christie said...

You really got a good one there. He's a keeper, for sure.

And don't worry, while we are anxiously waiting your regular return to blogging, we will still be patiently here. Waiting and happy with whatever you give us.

Lindsey said...

Aw. That is so sweet he commented on your blog. I think Brad and Peter would love living TOGETHER!!!! What is with the hard matress thing? Maybe we should hit a date night together.

I am EXCELLENT at hanging pictures, so, give me a call (plus, being tall is a plus). I would love to help you do all that, but I HATE RETURNING STUFF but do it all the time anyway. Goind to do returns today as a matter of fact!

Nancy said...

I have been following your blog ever since a friend of mine forwarded your April 10, 2008 entry titled, "Just for the Record..." I don't hardly ever forward anything but this was so amazing I forwarded to all my friends. Then I realized that it was a blog entry so I checked out your blog and loved it so much that it has been on my "favorites" ever since. I have read lots of your entries to my husband and friends. I made your recipe for Chicken Lollipops with Peanut Butter Dip. I was hoping that when you moved to the Southwest that you would buy a house in our stake. It doesn't look like you did but I'm glad you are out this way. I won't take my blog stalking to a new level and become a real stalker but I would lie if I didn't say that I hope I'll run into you at a restaurant or store someday so I can actually meet you! You and your family are beautiful and so inspirational!

Misty said...

"A bed with a mattress so firm it'd need a medical prescription" Ha ha ha, best sentence EVER WRITTEN. :)

Marla said...

No wonder Lex and Brad were such good friends! Except Lex's color of choice is beige!

Travelin'Oma said...

That house was probably bored to death until you came along. Think how loved it must feel now!

Lisa-Marie said...

We'll still be here when you are good and ready. promise.

And maybe you'll have more pics of the house to share!

Lauren in GA said...

I loved the comparison of the round bronzed mirror and blogging. Your writing always speaks to me.

Isn't that always the way? The house is transformed into your dream home as you are preparing it to sell.

Brad and Mike could live together, I think. Mike also uses a cememt block for a pillow.

Rochelleht said...

I am the least patient house person ever. Sometimes to my detriment. I will do things just to do them and then regret it later, but not too often. I just HATE not having it done. I so get it!

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