Monday, March 1, 2010

Male Bonding

Sam + Luke in 30 years?!

Just over twenty years ago, I was babysitting my little cousins for a week. I had a supercute new boyfriend who came over to play with the kids (a little) and watch sports on the big screen (a lot). There may or may not have been some lip action. My mom was very interested in this whole situation, of course, and sent my younger brother over to "bring us some donuts."

Mom's carefully crafted espionage may have thrown a wrench in the romance (as if five kids weren't chaperone enough!), but it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Brad and Josh shook hands manfully, grabbed a couple of chocolate-glazed, plopped down in front of ESPN and started a conversation that hasn't stopped since.

Sports, church, business, family, travel, politics, you name it. These guys talk and talk and talk. They solve the world's problems one free-throw at a time, with me watching, amused, on the sidelines. They see eye to eye and, yet somehow, they still look up to each other.

Together, their job is keeping me humble. Not hard to do. Especially when, like last night, I amble into their late-night bull session feeling the effects of my night-time cold remedy, wild-haired and ranting.

It's ok. They've both seen me looking (and acting) worse.

Josh came with an adorable, lanky sidekick for a weekend visit. There was bowling, building, eating, scary movie-making, scary-movie watching, sledding, Olympic-viewing, and, of course, lots of talking.

At the end of the weekend, it was hard to know who'd had a better time. The men. The boys. Or me, watching, amused, on the sidelines.

Love you, Chase! And, yes, you too, Uncle Bosh!


al + sar said...

Oh I remember the days when you guys would come babysit us...we all had crushes on Brad!

Rochelleht said...

How fun! LOVE family. I'm SO homesick for summer.

Tristan said...

How fun for them! Nothing better than a fun weekend with family!

Christie said...

You are such a good sport to host two of my crazy boys, the big one especially. I know they had a GREAT time. Chase especially is sad to be coming home to his boring Jake-free life here. We have GOT to do summer camp swaps in a year or two for sure. Wouldn't that be so fun?

Lauren in GA said...

I am laughing thinking about the incredible Oma sending your younger brother to break up the party.

It's wild that the annoying little brother turned out to be "The Husband" of the lovely Stie. A match made in heaven on several levels...male bonding partner and husband.

brooke said...

Love this post and especially love the picture of the little boys--both sets of boys (the big and the little) are lucky to have each other!

Travelin'Oma said...

I can see the Sam and Luke resemblance!

I remember when Brad first started hanging around your BYU digs. You said he chased you around the kitchen flipping a dishtowel, and that he was too much like Josh. You said, "I came to BYU to get away from brothers." Now you've got them coming and going! It thrills me to no end.

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