Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The More Things Change

Two and half years ago, I posted the following entry entitled, "You Might Be Raising Boys If..."
(Weren't they teeny?!)

You might be raising boys if...

  1. You own a remote control tarantula.
  2. You sort your laundry into the following categories:
    denim, khaki, camouflage and Spiderman.
  3. Your blue bathroom always smells a little funky.
  4. You know the exquisite agony of stepping on Star Wars Legos with your bare feet.
  5. You go through a jumbo jar of peanut butter and four gallons of milk every week.
  6. You can tell the difference between Percy, Thomas and James.
  7. Flatulence is the highest form of humor in your home.
  8. You are voluntarily going to spend 5 days at Cub Scout Day Camp.
Today I have to add:
You might be raising boys if...
you have a rubber snake in your powder room, mud in your laundry room, Froot Loops in your pantry and BB's in your vacuum cleaner bag.
God bless little boys and the mothers who keep 'em.


Christie said...

You forgot: You might be a mother of boys if you have to wipe down the toilet seat before you sit on it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Gross. What DO they do in there?

Lauren in GA said...

Gabi, I loved every single word of this. It spoke to me on every level. I laughed at each one...especially the laundry sorting. You are always so spot on.

May I add...You Might Be Raising Boys if...your sister (who didn't have children at that point) stages an intervention to let you know you really need new couches...and you refuse because, well, what's the point?

Lauren in GA said...

That picture of them is so adorable...they have grown so much.

Robin said...

AS they get older you will add:

You go through a box of cereal in one meal. A gallon of milk in a day.

You have drums in the basement.

Your house smells like feet and Tag.

Your house gets TP'd regularly.

You serve meals 5 times a day.

The girls in your church, school, neighborhood are suddenly very nice to you.

There are tennis shoes and socks all over the house.

i'll think of more...

the wrath of khandrea said...

a TRUE mother of boys doesn't actually use the same toilet as they, because she KNOWS better. come on, christie...

and what ever happened to the "itsy bitsy" spider? that thing is HUGE!

Diane said...

I used to be able to tell the ninja turtles apart - Leonardo, Rafael, Donatello, Michelangelo - as well as their preferred weapons, etc.

You might be a mother of boys if you recognize the smell of a single pair of socks worn for 10 days and nights at scout camp (put back on after showering, no less).

You haven't lived until your son asks if you want to play Dr. Mario with him.

I could never do a remote spider of any size. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the one in your post. I'm still shuddering.

martha corinna said...

Spiderman is the ONLY laundry catagory in my boy's pile. We are working on baby steps, he is almost buying that the plain shirt is actually a Peter Parker shirt.

cami said...

Last night, the kids told me they want a hamster. I informed them I'd rather have a snake in the house than a smelly little hamster. So, go snake! Especially a plastic one!

♥Shally said...


That same huge spider lives at our house. :)

You also know you have a boy if you shower with various super hero action figures and plastic bugs peeping at you...

Jessica said...

Hey! I have a blue bathroom that always smells a little funky, too!

Ilene said...

Heaven bless the mother of twin boys.

You are a mother of boys if the only stories you read from the illustrated BofM are the "fighting stories."

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