Friday, January 15, 2010

A is for Airsoft

A is for Airsoft--Jake got an airsoft gun for his birthday this week. I don't think it's overstating it to say that this has completely changed his life. Whether moms approve or not, there's nothing like having a firearm of your own to make you stand a little taller.

B is for Bathroom--We are gutting and remodeling the kids' bathroom. I am so excited! As of late, the only way I can stand to be in that room is with my eyes closed and/or holding my breath. A new paint smell will be such an improvement.

C is for Campout--Brad took Jake on his first overnight Boy Scout event. Sleeping in a tent in January. Then repelling down a 100 foot drop in the morning. Good times.

D is for Dentist's Office--My new favorite hangout. Fun! Convenient! And inexpensive! (I'm being sarcastic, Jeni...)

E is for Emily--She took advantage of Jake's absence to host a girl's night this weekend. There was giggling. There was pizza. There were whispered conversations regarding the cuteness of Sterling Knight. (What?! Never heard of him? Well, I guess that's why YOU weren't invited...)
F is for Fabulous Fundraiser--Tonight our neighbors hosted a Cupcake Party for all the kids on the block. Each child donated money to send to the Red Cross in Haiti and, in return, got a free cupcake and a juicebox! The total amount raised was more than $300. Isn't that a great idea?
G is for Goodnight--Gee, I'm tired. ABC ya later!


Tristan said...

The cupcake thing is a fantastic idea!! How awesome that the kids came together like that!

A is for Awesome! You are awesome Gab!

Lauren in GA said...

I agree, that cupcake fundraiser is so, so fantastic. I have been wondering what we could do as a family...I rely heavily on the genius of others.

You and I are living parallel lives in many ways...except for the fun girl stuff...I need to go google Sterling Knight...I am thinking he is a star on the Disney Channel.

diane said...

H is for happy I read this. The fundraiser is a brilliant idea.

Jenibelle said...

The cupcake fundraiser...brilliant.

Ah...airsoft guns. B is for Brave Gabi and Brad. Ours lasted three days until they shot one another, missed and knocked over the candy dish I inherited from my mother. It was a wedding gift to her, 60 years ago. I coulda rung a couple of necks. Good thing they're cute.

And since when is the Dentist's office inexpensive??!!!??? You must have good insurance!

Travelin'Oma said...

Jake looks like good protection. Did he take his weapon to the dentist's to help strike a deal?

Diane said...

I love the fundraiser! What a great way to raise awareness for the kids.

Christie said...

Ah, airsoft guns and scout campouts. Good times all around. Aren't you excited for the day you can send the twinks, too? Girl heaven, I tell you.

Ilene said...

Air soft is the next step up from Nerf guns, I take it.

Thanks for the warning.

Awesome cupcake stand!

Heidiram said...

W is for "Where's the rest of your ABC post?" T is for "thank you" for the comment you left on my blog and S is for "slacker" as in I'm a big slacker since I didn't respond to you yesterday. I will miss BC, but I cherish the friendships and life lessons I have learned by being associated with everyone.

calibosmom said...

We own about 4 airsoft guns and two bb guns. I keep one by the back door to shoot the squirrels off my bird feeder. That sounds so redneck.

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