Monday, December 14, 2009

My Children Want to be Jewish and Other Yuletide Reflections

This week just about everyone in our neighborhood is celebrating Hanukkah. Including us. We've lit the menorah and spun the dreidels. We've eaten the chocolate coins. But it is not good enough. My kids want presents. Eight nights' worth to be exact.

I keep reminding them that Santa will come soon and that, anyway, we believe in Jesus and want to open presents on His birthday. And, don't get me wrong, the kids love Jesus and Christmas. Of course.

But it's really hard to compete with the brand new air hockey table next door. Oy.


Tonight I was helping Jake with spelling homework, thinking up sentences for his words. I like to kill two birds with one stone and throw in a little moral lesson with my sentences.

Word: Voluntarily
My sentence: The boy voluntarily let his sister have the first ice cream sandwich and made his mother very happy.

Jake's response: Yeah. Like when did that ever happen?

Word: Enviable
Jake's sentence: He had an enviable scar.
Me: Really? I don't think people envy scars, do they?
Jake: Mom, you've got to start thinking like a guy.



We are doing our annual Christmas card map and have received cards from thirteen different states! As well as Vietnam and Venezuela! Marking the map makes me very happy. So does reading the cards and looking at the photos. Thank you to everyone who has sent us holiday cheer.

We need more Midwest and Southern states represented, though. If you happen to live in those wonderful geographic regions and have an extra stamp, please send us something. A postcard is fine. Thank you.


Tonight was Family Night. And, I am happy to report, no one was hurt during the game portion of the evening's activities. This is rare.

Luke, however, did need to excuse himself to apply several Go Diego Go bandaids in the course of Jake's (extremely hands-on) lesson about The True Meaning of Christmas.

He might be lucky and get an enviable scar.



Tristan said...

I want to be Jewish too, but just for the 8 days of presents as well ;)

Chicks dig scars right?

I love your idea of doing a Christmas card map!! I so need to copy that idea! How fun!! Take a picture of yours and post it when you are done!

Lauren in GA said...

Your writing is superb. I am so loving the use of, "Oy" when speaking of the wonders of Hanukkah.

I love that Jake! My boys would probably appreciate me thinking more like a guy, too.

I thought we were the only ones that, suffered through, er...I meant, enjoyed *ahem* extremely hands-on FHE lessons.

I am sending you a little love note from Georgia ☺

Claire Wessel said...

I'm in South Dakota and I have a cousin in North Dakota. If you want those enviable states, send me your mailing address :) My email is crimsoncoconut at gmail dot com

diane said...

After attending her first Bar Mitzvah party a few years ago my daughter wanted to convert.

I've probably told you about the year I attended Hebrew school with my best friend who was preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. I still remember my Torah portion. I was jealous when I didn't get a party. I went to synagogue a lot too for Saturday school. I was also sad that Elijah never came to our house and drank the wine. Not that we had wine in the house but I left out other beverages for him.

Linsey said...

I'm so glad we are helping with the international portion of your map...or maybe we are just throwing it out of whack since Venezuela and Vietnam are not exactly close together?

I have done some Jewish holiday celebrating and though I'm not interested in keeping kosher, they definitely know how to party.

Christie said...

Oh scars are very enviable. My boys notice each and every one on strangers and make up stories about how they got them.

I think you guys should convert. I'd like some Jewish blood in the family.

crystal said...

Ha! I laughed my way through this post!

I love the idea of a Christmas card map.

Ilene said...

You are funny. And so are your kids.

♥Shally said...

Jax has a nice scar right smack in the middle of his forehead.

We tell him everyone wants one.

I will have to use the word enviable. It sounds smarter. :)

calibosmom said...

Its like one of us saying "She has an enviable pair of shoes". I love that you celebrate Hanukkah-I need to jump on that for next year.

Travelin'Oma said...

I am laughing so hard. You are SO clever! I loved reading this post.

Jenibelle said...

Don't you just love Hanukkah? Jeff laughed at Jake's responses to your sentences. Really, with four men in your life you do need to start thinking like a guy. Just refrain from burping, farting and scratching.

Holly said...

The Christmas card map is brilliant--so brilliant I should really copy it. :) I hope to represent TX (once my cards get here) soon.

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