Saturday, December 19, 2009


Amazing what a little sprinkling can do to change things up.

Kids, who haven't wanted to play outside since the leaves blew away, are all sporting red, chappy cheeks after a day in Winter Wonderland. The Lands End snowpants have been broken in. Marshmallows have been toasted in the fireplace. Some of us have stayed in pajamas all day.

I can't think of anything more heavenly than watching four snow angels through a frosted windowpane while packing a suitcase full of t-shirts and swimsuits. Talk about the best of both worlds. I'll sing White Christmas this weekend but hum Feliz Navidad the rest of the week. Cannot wait.

And Mother Nature reminded me again today that moms set the mood. With a little magic fairy dust, a mother can cast a spell. Hush a crowd and soften rough edges.

I did a little sprinkling of my own today. Glitter playdo--a double batch. Enough for the kindergarten holiday party and some to keep in Santa's Workshop.

Glitter Playdo
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 cups water
4 tsp. cream of tartar
4 Tbsp. vegetable oil

Stir in medium-sized saucepan and cook over medium heat. Mixture will get lumpy and form a large ball in the center of the pan. Add two tablespoons of glitter. Knead to desired consistency. Keep in airtight container.


cami said...

Looks beautiful! By the way, it was a nice 77 degrees here today and we are counting the seconds until you arrive!

diane said...

Hey it was 77 here today too.

It does look like a winter wonderland at your house though.

Safe travels.

Lauren in GA said...

Beautifully put post.

Thank you for the recipe ☺

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!!!

Tristan said...

I hate snow. Although I agree it is beautiful, and I like it for Christmas...I hate it ha ha!

Although your post about it was very nice :)

Travelin'Oma said...

And your kids can all put on their snowclothes by themselves! Perfect!

Ilene said...

What does it mean when I look at the playdoh but process "cookie dough?" Now my mouth is watering.

Rochelleht said...

I love Mexico. 3 more weeks...

And I hate snow, so I'm glad I don't deal with that. My kids are currently eating a gingerbread house on the patio in short sleeves. How's that for a glittery wonderland??

Jenibelle said...

Thanks for the's going in my Grandma file!! Yippee for me!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Our Family said...

Does the glitter get all over everything?

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