Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seven Questions...Mommy Style

Calling all moms! Calling all moms!

Did you trade your make-up for spit-up? Your Prada bag for a diaper bag? Are your kids dressed to the nines, while you rate a 2.5?

Never fear! Paige is here...
It's easy to see that Paige knows style. She's also the mother of four, a fantastic blogger and a political force who shaped US history! Clearly, she was my top choice for some fashion Q&A.

Here are her thoughts on raising your style while raising your kids...

1. What do you think are the top three most offensive "mom fashion" mistakes?
I can only narrow it down to four!
Mistake 1. Many moms think "I can’t afford decent clothes." You do not have to spend a lot to look cute. Cruise through the clothes every time you are at Target and grab a shirt or two. Nothing there is over $30. Of course you don’t have time to try it on- if it doesn’t fit, return it.
Mistake 2. Wearing something dreadfully out of style just because it fits. If you are shopping "on the cheap," you should never feel bad about getting rid of your clothes or deciding it’s "out" or just doesn’t look good anymore. Keep a donation bag in your closet! If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If it’s too small, get rid of it. When you finally lose the weight it will be out of style anyway, and you will deserve a few new things.
Mistake 3. Wearing sweats/warm-up suits all day. You just have to get dressed to show you respect yourself.
Mistake 4. Dressing too young. That’s just embarrassing. If you drive by the high school and someone has your same outfit, you are dressing too young! Any "extreme" fashions should be avoided- and if you wore it in your youth (like in the 80’s), you are too old to wear it again (leggings and baby doll dresses...) .

2. What are the clothing items you splurge on? And what is ok to buy on the cheap side?
I splurge on expensive jeans--Sevens, Paige jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Lucky jeans. (See my jean tutorial. ) Everything else is fine cheap- jewelry, shoes, shirts, etc.

3. Please share your philosophy on finding the perfect pair of jeans.
Since I am short and wide (a fat midget), I have no idea who they actually make all those jeans for. Get them hemmed, taken in at the waist, whatever you need to make them look good. The darker the jean, the better. Plus, if you have the large mom pooch, don’t wear your jeans over it! To minimize, wear "midrise" jeans. Gap, Target, H&M are all fine but you might have to try on many pairs to get the perfect ones! Jeans with stretch are your friend.

4. Where are your favorite places to find fun and affordable clothes?
Of course, the aforementioned Target. Everyone will have the same clothes as you, but you will look better in them! I like to get clothes for the current season in the middle of the season when they are really inexpensive. Every single sweater is on sale at Ann Taylor Loft in January- nothing over $20! I also love Macy’s midseason for the same reasons- fantastic sales. H&M is good for shirts, sweaters, skirts, pants, and capris (their pants don’t fit fat midgets).

5. For those of us looking for a few pieces to update our spring wardrobes, what do you suggest?
I’m not fashion forward, I’m just trying to keep up!
I do like the bright yellow and green handbags they are showing for spring, though.

6. Do you have any secrets for dressing thinner? Taller? Younger? Please share!
Wear heels to look taller and thinner.
But I only wear them when I go out at night and to church, because comfort is still important.

7. What is your all-time best fashion find? Any hideous regrets?
I have a fashion find about every month, and then I get sick of it. This month, my hair dresser, who had just had a baby, looked amazing in her jeans. She called them her "magic pants" --because everyone looks good in them! They are Levi’s 504 skinny slouch jeans and I got them for only $30 at Kohls. They also have them at Mervyn’s. Sure enough, they are magic pants!

Also, Citizens, Sevens, Paige, and Joe’s Jeans all make them in petites lengths now.

Currently, my hideous regret is my new short haircut. My husband thinks I look like a Hobbit, without the hairy feet. It’s too short, but it will grow.
Final tip-
Never forget to accessorize! Even a boring T-shirt and jeans can look adorable with the right jewelry and shoes!

I learned from my mom that, no matter what, you have to get dressed every day. Even if you aren’t seeing anyone but your kids, you need to get dressed and feel reasonably good about yourself.

Thanks, Paige! I'm heading to Target right now.

Click here to read Paige's fashionably funny blog! (It's even cuter than her clothes!)


Rochelleht said...

I so agree, Paige! Target is my second home. It's so sad, but true. I concur on the expensive jeans. I wear them all the time, so it's easier to justify $200.

I was just thinking today about the 'seven questions' segment, Gab, and wondering if it would continue. So glad to see it's back. I love it!

Christie said...

I LOVED this! I so agree - you have to get dressed, and you can't look like the 15-year-old girls at the bus stop. Paige has got it all. I need to have her go shopping with me. Jeans are my worst.

Celia Fae said...

The sad thing is when you have to dress cuter for your family than for friends. Paige keeps me current, otherwise I'd still be wearing denim jumpers.

Fat midgets are taking over the world.

calibosmom said...

Fat Midgets unite!!! I'd like to add something...A REALLY GOOD BRA from an actual bra store!!! Spend at least $65 on a really good bra-the girls need support and when they are lifted correctly, you look taller and thinner. Great post!!! Thanks Gab and Paige.
PS- I like Indigo Blues!

andrea said...

yes, about that bra... some of us do just fine shopping in the tween section at walmart there.
i'm kidding.
but sadly, i could be serious.

this was a fun post! i like paige's attitude. i'm still waiting for her to make me over.

The MomBabe said...

Ahhh, I ♥ Paige!

Paige said...

Gabi- Thanks! This was so fun and you make me look decent! Amazing.

Jessica said...

Having been friends with Paige for years, she is THE BEST to have around. She will be brutally honest and complimentary ALL AT THE SAME TIME, so you feel better and look better all at the same time.

Jenibelle said...

Celia...I resemble that remark, all 5'3' tall and wide of me.

My thought is wear great shoes,get a pedi, it keeps people from looking at your double chin if they just can't take their eyes away from how good your feet look. That's my fashion advise.

Paige is adorable though!!!

Jenibelle said...

Celia...I resemble that remark, all 5'3' tall and wide of me.

My thought is wear great shoes,get a pedi, it keeps people from looking at your double chin if they just can't take their eyes away from how good your feet look. That's my fashion advise.

Paige is adorable though!!!

Jenibelle said...

Celia...I resemble that remark, all 5'3' tall and wide of me.

My thought is wear great shoes,get a pedi, it keeps people from looking at your double chin if they just can't take their eyes away from how good your feet look. That's my fashion advise.

Paige is adorable though!!!

Lisa-Marie said...

That Paige. She is a smartie! If I had a magic lamp one wish would be a shopping spree with Paige.

I consitently break Mistake #1 and #3. I'm trying to be better.

Is this sacrilegious:

I'm trying to be like Paaaaaige. I'm following in her ways. I'm trying to be cute just like her in all that I wear each day!

Ilene said...

It's good to know Paige does the Target thing too. Now I know I am cool for shopping there.

Hazen5 said...

Thanks for this interview, you can never go wrong with advice from Paige!

Bridget said...

Love all her advice. I agree about needing to get dressed everyday. I also always HAVE to wear makeup even if I only leave the house to get the mail.

I'm feeling the real need for some better jeans now.

Wendy said...

Love Target! (Don't tell my little sister). :0) I think lip gloss is also an important daily accessory.

cyndy said...

I think Paige's haircut is adorable! And I loves me some Target.

Lauren said...

I totally enjoyed this! Paige is so right. I need to update my wardrobe. There are ways to do it and not spend a mint.

I love the opening you write on every one of these posts. You are always spot on...I knew you had me pegged when you asked if while my kids are dressed to the nines, I only, "rate a 2.5".

Nortorious said...

Paige and I have footwear conflicts. I believe Moms can suffer in heels (plan your day around them) she is a flip flop devotee.
Otherwise, an excellent post by a admirable dresser.

Kenny, Linsey, Caleb and Isaac said...

Helpful all around. I miss Target!

Hollyween said...

I agree that a good pair of jeans is important. But I don't agree that Paige is a fat midget! Give me a break, Paige!

I knew that Paige had great fashion sense!! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Tell us about the turquoise belt, Paige!!! And where can I get one??

cami said...

Gabi, you have the CUTEST friends! :)

Lindsey said...

Gab, I am a NUT... but sometimes you have to create your own fun!! (Since we don't drink and all) Hahahaha it was crazy. I can't believe that I did it either.

Melissa Walker said...

I have a jeans brand to add. I was doing the Nordstrom try-on and the gal brought me some "David Kahn" and said moms love them because they have a slightly higher rise (helps with the crack issue, but they're not high enough to be "mom" jeans) If you like Sevens, you'll like these. I (and my husband) love mine!

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