Saturday, March 1, 2008

Father of my Children's Father

When you are shopping for a husband it is easy to get caught up in the superficial. The shiny car. The leather jacket. The smile that makes your stomach flip flop.

Distracting as these selling points may be, discriminating shoppers will remember to check under the hood. To look-- not just for a guy who drives a shiny car--but one who will make any car shine (...and change the oil and check the tires and remember to make the insurance payment).

A guy who may be willing to forgo the leather coat and make do with a nylon parka for a few years. Because he knows money in the bank feels better than any bomber jacket.

The smile, of course, must absolutely take your breath away. But it should be a gentle smile. One that appears quickly and often. A smile that is often accompanied by deep and contagious laughter.

Well, you know, I completely scored at the Hubby Mart. Got the car-fixin', money-savin', heart-stoppin' variety.

And how did he get that way?

Easy. He learned it all from his dad.

Papa with baby Luke 2004
I have the sweetest, most gentle and generous father-in-law. He taught his son to take care of cars and bills and a wife and kids. He passed on a very cute smile and an infectious laugh. And although he is a man of few words, his life speaks volumes.
Get well soon, Papa! We love you!


Marty said...

He's a great guy. You need a photo of him, Brad and Sam. They are look-a-likes.

Lauren said...

As always, this was so cleverly, and beautifully written!

I love the, "Hubby Mart" title you coined. So cute and funny!

And such a nice tribute to your father-in-law. I am sending well-wishes for him to get better soon, too!

Rochelleht said...

So sweet. Love a good man!

Lisa-Marie said...

That was a beautiful tribute to your hubby , his dad, and YOU! You got what you deserve!

Christie said...

He DOES look like Sam. What a great tribute. You did get an excellent husband, and clearly, he came from an excellent man.

Hollyween said...

SO darling! I love all your tributes!

Bridget said...

That is so sweet and I love your writing style describing the man with his car.

Sorry to hear he's sick. How could reading that not make him better though?

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