Sunday, September 2, 2007

Eight and Great

Here's my third-grader. Wow, I can't believe my little guy is SOO old. I mean, I remember being in third grade and I considered myself quite wise and worldly. He probably considers himself wise and worldly, too. Which is a scary thought.

This year will be his third in a self-contained special ed. class for kids with Asperger's Syndrome. There are eight kids and two teachers. They do regular third-grade work, but keep things very structured and work a lot on social skills. He joins in with the rest of the third-graders for art, gym, music, computers, lunch, recess, and all the fun stuff.

Parenting a child with Asperger's can be exhausting. We're living in an FM world and he's only wired for AM. He is smart, charming, funny, and very talented...but truly doesn't naturally understand all those little social graces that keep the wheels of life greased smoothly.

Taking turns, letting little problems go, being flexible about unexpected change, being ok with new people and things are all a big challenge. I am so grateful to live in this day and age where so much is being discovered and educational programs are in place for kids with special needs.

Also, this guy is hyper with a capital ADHD!!! His energy knows no bounds and he is very distractible. Good at the pool, bad in the school. Thank goodness for medication. I don't care what Tom Cruise thinks...sometimes you've gotta use a little chemistry to even the playing field a bit for these kids. I found a great book that I read to my little buddy about the whole thing. We laughed the whole way through and I think it helped him feel better about who he is.

This boy is the apple of my eye. He is the cutest thing to ever wear a Cub Scout uniform! He makes me laugh several times a day...usually when I'm supposed to be disciplining. I'm excited for his year to start. Scouts, riding lessons, piano, and all his "extracurricular" specialists keep our schedule quite busy. One thing is for sure...things are never boring when he's around!

Here's to a great 3rd grade year, buddy! I love you!


Megan said...

I was blog hopping and landed on your blog. I was very interested because I am also an adoptive mother. Your children are adorable. I also use to teach third grade and I am sure your son is going to have a wonderful year.

Marty: said...

There are so many aspects of life I knew nothing about until this guy came along to teach me. I'm so glad he's part of us. He's so lucky to have you for parents. He couldn't be in better hands!

Mique said...

What a lucky guy to have a mom like can be tough (but always worth it). I'm excited for him and what a new school year brings.
And darn Tom just gotta do what you gotta do...that's my motto- do what works for you.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

We love that Shakey Jake. He's been consistently the only guy that could wrestle both of my boys at the same time - and come out on top! He's a great kid. He is so lucky to have gotten you guys as parents. I know he'll have a great year.

marta said...

not only is he lucky to have you as his mom, but you are lucky to have him as a son! and it sounds like you know it and appreciate it! i love that little boy and can't believe he's so grown up. what a stud.

gab, i am so glad you started this blog. i think you are reaching so many people and sharing your knowledge. i can't wait to someday come back and read all these posts and do a KID'S APPRECIATION DAY for my future kids.

gabi, you are consistently coming up with genius ideas to make the moments count. thank you for showing us what it means to make the most of life as a mother.

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