Friday, May 11, 2007

Introducing...My Mom

Mom with her adoring fans
(What else are daughters for?)

I am a little nervous to introduce you to my mom. Not because she is strange or embarassing or an alcoholic or anything. Quite the opposite. I just happen to know from years of experience, that once you meet my will like her more than you like me!

It's true...from kindergarten on, any friends who came to my house were much happier talking to my mother than playing Barbies with me! The (very) few guys who ever seemed remotely interested, completely forgot my existence once they were captured by her spell. And I guarantee, right now, that if you click over to her blog, you will never ever come back to mine!

My mom is the prettiest, wittiest, sparkliest mother of seven you ever met! She is the kind of woman who always wears lipstick, fingernail polish and perfume. And, although she will soon be the grandmother of 18, her zest for life and sense of humor keep her eternally young.

Mom is one-of-a-kind. When all the other Mormon moms were cross-stitching and canning fruit, my mother was being published in magazines, designing furniture and planning 3-week trips to Europe. One Christmas, she adopted two families who had escaped from Eastern bloc countries and set them up with food, clothing, and gifts for months. She created her own summer camp for the seven of us to was in the playroom every weekday morning and she taught us German phrases, scripture verses, fingerplays and took us on field trips!

Now that she's an empty-nester, Mom keeps busy helping Dad run his business, corresponding with long-distance grandkids, running an "Oma school" for the ones who live close-by, writing letters to the editor, organizing EVERYTHING, reading 2 or 3 newspapers a day, serving the ladies at church, planning and going on trips, surfing the net, perfecting her personal style and watching David Letterman.

I am eternally grateful to Mom for teaching me how to make homemade chicken noodle soup, pick out a good book, play "Heart and Soul" on the piano, sing lullabies to crying babies, shop for the perfect shoes, trust in the Lord and always, always, always look on the bright side of life.

She is queen bee of our buzzing hive, the brightest star in our constellation, the highest note in our family song. I am so glad I got to be there for her first Mother's Day and plan to help her celebrate many, many more!

Love you, Mom!


Marty: said...

Oh, Gab! This is so sweet and picks me up so much! Thank you!

marta said...

sweet words for our one and only oma. she is the best.

Nimmy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Gabi. That was a beautiful tribute to our beautiful mom. You've learned alot from her and even added more to become a beloved mom, yourself.

mama jo said...

that was really cute..don't worry i love your blog're just as great as your mom...after all, she taught you..

Gramafolly said...

I loved reading your comments on your years of motherhood and also on Marty. She is a wonderful example of mothering. When I read your list of mothers days I thought of how when I was young I knew everything about raising kids. In RS I would respond to everything about how it should be done. Now I sit in the back row of RS and just listen..I found out I didn't know all the answers and I just wanted to learn from all the new moms who knew everything. By the way, I had a child throw up never ends..

Miggs said...

Perfect post Gab.

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