Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Decade of Mother's Days

My thoughts....

Mother's Day 1997--"Woe is me...I'll never be a mother!"

Mother's Day 1998--"Why can't I have children? I'd be the best mother ever!"

Mother's Day 1999--"Adoption is baby is perfect!"

Mother's Day 2000--"Who says this mothering thing is hard? I must just be an exceptional parent...maybe I'll write a child-rearing book!"

Mother's Day 2001--"Wow...a two year old and a newborn...hmm, maybe I'd better read a child-rearing book!"

Mother's Day 2002--"D*#$^%$(S!"

Mother's Day 2003--"Maybe I could handle just ONE more child?!"

Mother's Day 2004--"Hooray...the twins are home from the NICU!"

Mother's Day 2005--"What was I thinking?!"

Mother's Day 2006--"How did Mom do this? I need to send her a GOOD gift!"

Mother's Day 2007--"Who just threw up?"


Marty: said...

What a difference a decade makes! I just read a quote by Mark Twain: "I caused my mother a lot of trouble, but I think she enjoyed it." Spoken like a son who knows his mom loves him in spite of himself.

mama jo said...

that's nice that mark twain recognized himself....

Stie said...

Josh always reminds careful what you wish for (you just might get it).

You are such a great mom and I'm so glad you got such great kids. We love you guys to pieces!

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