Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad My Mom is Here

1. She brought cinnamon bunnies.
2. She thinks my kids are cute.
3. She thinks my house is cute.
4. She thinks my hair is cute.
5. She thinks my husband is cute.
6. She always has the zaniest of adventures on plane/train/taxi rides here and she tells us all about them!
7. She can sing "Baby's Boat" to the twins.
8. She tells Shakey adventure stories.
9. She gives Em her undivided attention!
10. She is as bubbly as the Coke she drinks and sweet as the donuts she likes.

***"No one loves me any better than my M-O-double-M-Y!!!"


Stie said...

Oma is the best!

mama jo said...

you are so right..she's the greatest

Marty: said...

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Chez Gab
1. Welcome basket, w/ toiletries, mags, personalized treats, bottled water.
2. Scented and padded hangers in closet.
3. Specialized dinner on arrival, no matter the hour, with special red plate and delicious food.
4. Free rental car.
5. Large screen TV/DVR
6. Live entertainment continuously
7. Breakfast served personally with darling linens, dishes, and beautifully presented.
8. Free therapy sessions throughout the day.
9. Country flavor with big city ammenities just minutes away.
10. Cultural events free: Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Piano keyboard, soccer, tumbling, singing, biking, gardening, hide and seek.

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