Friday, March 16, 2007

The Divine Miss Em

Playdates, kindergarten, birthday parties, arts and crafts, dancing, singing and being tortured by her brothers...these are the elements of Em-world. I can't believe that she is six. Baby no more, she has achieved girlfriend status!
I adore having three boys. They are a hyper, hungry and happy breed. But there is something SOOOOO wonderful about a daughter! Who else leaves me love notes on my pillow? Who else sings "Baby's Boat" to the twins while Mom is at Relief Society and Dad can't get them to go to sleep? Who else notices when I am wearing a new spring scarf?
"Squeege", as her dad likes to call her, is very independent, supremely confident and helpful. Although prone to moodiness (and what girlfriend isn't?!), Em can always be counted on to help out. If the house was burning down around us, Squeege would be the one to "keep it together." She would dial 911, help everyone arrive at a safe meeting location and provide juice boxes for all involved. Em is so efficient and capable, I can't wait to see what her future holds!
We are working on thickening her skin, though. Because it's hard to be so sweet, sensitive and considerate when everyone you live with is not. Em has been accused of being a "crybaby" at times, but I give her credit for putting up with a lot and loving others in spite of their craziness.
Emmie is excited for spring. She is playing soccer, taking "hip hop" and gymnastics. Every afternoon she jumps happily on the schoolbus...kindergarten is a magical place. (I confess that next year when she is gone all day, the twins will realize how boring Mom is...they will miss her terribly!)
So if you need help with little ones, making lunch for a crowd, or programming your DVR...give Em a call. But you can't keep her for long...I don't know what I'd do without her!!


Nimmy said...

Sweetest! Em, can you come be our girlfriend too? I remember what a pretty baby you were. Holding you made me excited to have my little Chloe. You're lucky to be the only girl with Gabi as your mom. You're guaranteed a life of cute clothes, Broadway shows, and sistahood. Love you!

Marty: said...

Emmie is the epitome of womanhood: totally feminine, yet able to hold her own with the boys!

Heidi said...

Yeah... I always thought the coolest girls were the ones that grew up in a family of all boys. She'll be one of those girls that has it all. She'll know how to be girly enough, but will charm the guys with her boy know-how. What a cutie!

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