Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Day

Saturday was a very sad day in the state of Arizona.  
So, it seems slightly inappropriate to post about all the fun we had that day.

And it seems wildly inappropriate that the fun was mostly gun related...

marshmallow gun, that is.

Brad made kits for all the boys and helped them with assembly.

I supplied the ammo.

January is the perfect month for an outdoor party around these parts.

The kids had target practice and played capture-the-flag until the sun went down.

Jake has made so many great new friends here, it was a delight to gather them all together.  They are good, good boys.  Respectful and fun and active and goofy.

We weren't just celebrating Jake's 12th birthday.  It was a day to celebrate the long strides he's made and the buddies who are helping him make them.

I've been so sad learning more about the tragedies in Tucson, but I'm also sad when I hear commentators blaming the state of Arizona and calling it a hate-filled place.

Because we have found it warm and welcoming and full of wonderful people.

Happy wishes to my two birthday boys!  I love you.


Brad said...

And we love you too! You are the best mom and wife in the world!

Christie said...

Happy birthday to your boys! What an awesome switch - to have your January birthday parties outside. Now your summer ones will all be inside. Love the marshmallow guns. We might need some of those around here (or at least tutorials on how to make them!)

Rochelleht said...

Wow. Can't believe he is 12! So glad there was some happiness in that part of the world this weekend. ;-)

Travelin'Oma said...

The party looks like a huge hit. Brad and Jake are a perfect team—I'm glad they got each other for their birthdays 12 years ago!

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwww! I love Brad's comment back to you.

Marshmallow guns are so awesome.

It makes me so, so happy that the move has been such a happy one for Jake. I am so thrilled that he has friends that are, "good, good boys" as you said. "Respectful and fun and active and goofy" are my kind of fellahs.

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