Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Christmas When

2010 was the Christmas when Opa and Oma came to stay.  Oma treated the girls to pedicures, lunch and shopping.  Opa got up early to repair and wax all our antique leather books. (How many houseguests do that?!)  They spent lots of time loving their grandkids and no one wanted them to leave.
It was the Christmas when, for the first time EVER, our kids got to celebrate the big day with both sets of grandparents.  

How lucky am I?  My parents are healthy, happy and still in love with each other.  My in-laws are healthy, happy and still in love with each other.  Both sets of parents get along without a single bit of drama.  They all dote on their grandchildren AND make Brad and me feel like capable, successful adults.  I realize that we represent a very small subset of the population in this respect, but I am thankful.  It made for a merry Christmas.

2010 was the Christmas when Nana brought her world-famous Swedish tea ring for breakfast and helped us start a new Christmas dinner tradition. (And this recipe was perfect for an apres-bain repast.)

This was the Christmas when Santa's elves brought a hot tub just in time for some Yuletide soaking.  Mrs. Claus especially appreciated the hydrotherapy.
2010 was the Christmas when we brought our traditional Christmas Eve hot-dog roasting party out west.  Instead of old pals standing by the fireplace, we got to know some new friends as we sat around the backyard fire pit.  We discovered that the Christmas spirit isn't subject to temperature change.

This was the Christmas when everyone's favorite gift rolled into the backyard...
...and took away more than it left behind!
Come for a dip in 2011!

 Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who made our Christmas so merry.


Rochelleht said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy it!! We, sadly, didn't get our parents here for Christmas. Darn pneumonia! Such a bummer. But we'll be taking a dip in a few weeks in Mexico and they'll join us there. Hurray!!

I agree. We, too, are blessed to have GREAT parents who love us and each other and there is no drama. What better Christmas gift is there?

Linsey said...

What a great Christmas. Love your big surprise. Can't wait to come visit and test it know, some day.

Happy New Year!

the wrath of khandrea said...

good stuff! i enjoy my parents like you enjoy yours. i also enjoy your parents a lot. :O)

glad you are enjoying the new home. merry christmas!!

Travelin'Oma said...

Christmas in the AZ was fabulous! Thanks for making it so fun and providing such darling elves!

Christie said...

Slightly jealous of your holiday with the Opis. They truly are the best and make it so fun to be together. Can't wait to see how the pool turns out!

Lauren in GA said...

Such a lovely Christmas!! That is so neat that everyone got to be together.

My boys would love that gigantic piece of equiptment. They would probably want to keep that bad boy even when the digging was finished!

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