Friday, May 14, 2010

Late Breaking News

Luke is officially a man now.

Until last night, he was the only male in the family to have his original, God-given bone structure intact. And I think he was a little embarassed about it.

But, anyone acquainted with Luke knew that his days as a fracture-virgin were numbered. All it took was a late night tee-ball practice, a dare-devil move on the climbing structure and a pair of slippery sneakers.
Snap! Broken humeris and his initiation into the Broken Bone Boys Club was complete.
We're very proud.
In another health-related story, Jake's upper braces were removed yesterday. Fifth-grade girls everywhere are reporting heart palpitations.
(You haven't seen his retainer anywhere, have you?)
And, finally, I am happy to report that Emily won the flower arranging contest sponsored by her school! She will compete in the district competition later this month. Her brothers were not impressed until they heard about the grand prize: $200 cash.
Now they think it's the coolest thing you can do around here...without breaking a bone.


Diane said...

I bet Jake's retainer is with my sons two retainers he lost over 10 years ago. There is a special, hidden place for retainers that even the best detectives can't find. (Check your trashes)

My son tells everyone that he is now minus five body parts: two tonsils, an appendix, two adenoids, and a bone tumor that had grown on his leg. (He doesn't count his wisdom teeth.)

Marci said...

Ahh, poor little Luke. But he sure does look cute and manly at the same time with his arm in a sling! And I am sooooo impressed with Emily's flower arranging skills! Wow!

Rochelleht said...

Wow! We have yet to have anyone in our family break a bone. Not very exciting around here.

Travelin'Oma said...

Luke is official. Jake is a doll. Emmie can start a business. I imagine Sam is proud of all of them.

Annemarie said...

I love the flower arranging contest! That is too cute and so is that picture of the little winner!

Ilene said...

flower arranging contest?

I think her district competition should include cacti as a nod to her future home state.

This is the story I just wanted to hear as we are packing up to go to the park...

Lauren in GA said...

Should I make a joke about a broken humerus not being very humorous?

No...too obvious, huh?

Sorry Luke got hurt...that isn't what he meant by Hurt Machine, is it?

Whoa, I can see why Jake has the ladies' hearts a beatin'!

That is so neat that Emily won the contest...and $200.00 makes it all the sweeter!

Tristan said...

I'm impressed with her flower arranging skills! That bouquet is beautiful!

Chicks dig scars and broken bones right? ;-)

I've heard that loosing a retainer is easy to do. I've not had experience with it though.

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Jenibelle said...

Was Sam lording over Luke..."you may have lost a tooth...but I've broken a bone. Ha!"
That's what my kids would do.

And Em, way to go! Are you going to save or spend it?

joven said...

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Christie said...

NO WAY - McKay just broke his finger last week and is in a cast from his hand to his elbow.

Jake looks awesome! I can't believe how short that was. Lucky kid!

Heather said...

Your family is so full of amazing skills! Joseph is a little in awe of Luke right now. He had a million questions to ask about it. If I didn't know better, I'd say he might even be jealous... Miss you guys!

marta said...

ouchhie! is all i can say. lots of love to the little man. he'll have lots of bragging rights soon enough. get plenty of plastic wrap. i broke my arm right before summer and wrapped it in wrap and floated it so i could still go swimming at the racquet club! maybe this was luke's way of getting out of all that packing!

p.s. who are mike and joven!?

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