Monday, May 24, 2010

The First of the Lasts

I'm giving myself exactly 26 minutes to blog tonight.

I do not have time to spend on the computer. But I want to a place for all these memories while they're still fresh. So please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Right now, life is full. I am just trying to soak up every last day of our Bucks County existence. The calendar is packed with celebrations of all kinds and "just-one-more-time" kinds of outings. It's a month of lasts.

Jake's last concert with The Amazing Mr. Capriotti

Today was our last piano lesson. Not terribly sad.

But, earlier, we had our last pediatrician's appointment and I almost cried. It was hard to say thank you and good bye to my home-away-from-home of more than a decade.

That office kept me well-stocked with Amoxicillin and Cefzil for years. They always squeezed me in when someone had strep. And, on one particularly heinous visit with all four screaming darlings in tow, the receptionist told me that even though my kids were sick and miserable, I looked good! She made my day and I will never forget her.

A last shot of me & Danelle... I love her even though she wears a size 00.

I've had some "lasts" with my sweet friend, Danelle this week. Over the years we have been side by side in so many places--Target, baby showers, spin classes, presidency meetings, book club, birthday dinners, temple trips, visiting teaching (Oh, those lucky ladies who were fortunate enough to have us and our parade of preschoolers come spread sisterly cheer into their home each month!).

Now D and I are side by side in parallel moves Out West. Moving within days of one another. It's been fun to have someone to compare real estate agents and moving companies together. We share the excitement of being closer to families and the wistfulness of leaving dear friends. Still, these venting sessions are numbered too. We'll be in the same time zone, but probably not in the same spin class. I am going to miss her.

Another last...I discovered I'm not really a yard sale person this weekend.

Right now, I feel caught between my two realities. Am picking cabinets and carpets for a new home while still filling and vacuuming the old ones. Just because your life is topsy-turvy and there are 150,000 things on your to-do list doesn't mean you get to quit your day job.

Our neighbor's amazing backyard " Welcome Summer" bash. This is probably the last summer party I'll attend wearing a rainjacket.

Also, hopefully, the last time I ever sing all 14 minutes of Bye Bye Miss American Pie, karaoke-style. I blush just remembering.

Some lasts I am looking forward to: last ball game, last day the alarm rings at 5:03 AM, last homework assignment, last rush to catch that wretched midday kindergarten bus--which is either so early we're breathless or so late the twins have lost their shoes and backpacks.

Also hoping this is the last time Em "trims" her own hair. She has a history with self-barbering, as many of you will remember. A few years ago she looked like a young Haley Joel Osment. Now her bangs look just like her dad's.

I went over my self-imposed time limit by 11 minutes. Oh well.


Diane L said...

The first of the lasts will soon be followed by the last of the firsts - an easing in on the other end.

My best friend moved to the Salt Lake area in 2004. I was devastated. We did everything together, and lived across the street from one another, in and out of each other's house all day long. Little did I know that in 2006 I would move to Salt Lake also. We're back together - not every day, but often, often, and it is sweet.

Annemarie said...

Your "lasts" will make such fun memories and all of your "firsts" will be so exciting! Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

Lauren in GA said...

Why do I feel like I might cry? The way you wrote about Danelle made me miss my best friend, I guess.

I am excited for you...and I hope that all of the, "Lasts" bring lots of happiness.

Verlene West said...

Gabi, I am not in the 'know' about your move, but sounds like you are headed back to us. How nice. Let me know the scoop. Your blog is darling.

marta said...

i am laughing out loud about emmie's haircut. i think she's dying to go to von curtis. that's the secret reason you're coming out west. keep up the amazing work, gab! i am thinking of you and all of your wrap-up sessions and goodbyes and bon voyages. what good friends you have out there. all the better for visiting!! xoxox.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i am feeling you 100%. i keep saying "hmm. that was probably the last time i will ____________."

i am trying to avoid picking cabinets and carpet and decor. i just keep going to work and pretending none of it is happening. avoidance is an effective coping mechanism.

Heidi said...

wow, Emmie that is the funniest. No one wants to deal with bangs- just get rid of them. I got your package today. It's so nice of you to think of me while in a complete craze of your own. You're the best big sis ever!

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm getting sad, too. I didn't realize my October Yardley trip was my last. I love your friends, and your yard and the NAC. I think a total breakdown is in order. But you are the best friend I know. You'll be in touch with these people forever more.

Eva said...

I had to laugh at your karaoke story - Nate sang the same song at a work party and was also embarrassed at the length. He even knew it had that many verses, but was SURE they wouldn't have all of them! When I read that part to him he just replied "Been there!".

Christie said...

I am sad, too! I loved knowing you were in the east - just a short train ride away from NYC, broadway, and you in a pedi-cab. Best memories ever. What the heck does Phoenix have besides the sun?

And I CANNOT BELIEVE EMME! What is she doing with the scissors again??? That crazy girl. She is bound to be a hip, pierced, tattoed stylist one day. Just keep her away from Hannah.

Celia Fae said...

I'll have you know that when I'm feeling stressed out this month, I think to myself, "at least I'm not moving across the country like Gabi."

Not that that makes you feel better, but it makes me feel better.

It would be so bittersweet to leave the place where my kids have grown up. I think you are amazing for embracing change.

Jessica said...

THanks for taking a minute...I love feeling caught up.

Good luck with everything! (I'm envisioning annual lunches, since I usually get to AZ about that often...)

Lauren in GA said...

...I read this days ago...and I still can't get over Em's bangs. You have a great attitude about it...

diane said...

It appears that your move is the same week, maybe day that my son comes home from his mission. Exciting changes for both of us. I'm so happy you are coming west. Hopefully, we will get a chance to hang out.

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