Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring, I Love You

Me + spring = happy + busy
When the sun starts to shine in April, I suddenly remember what a happy person I am. I didn't recognize how cold and dark things had been all winter. But once the rays come out and I can pull off the parka, I realize that all I needed was a little light and warmth and some vitamin D.
The natural sunlight, and all the springtime business that goes along with it, has pulled me away from the artificial light of my computer screen. I have much to catch up on...

Batter Up

Base/soft/t-ball has basically taken over our lives. Practices, pictures, games, keeping track of everyone's gloves and uniforms. It's a full-time job. So far so good. Jake is a strong lefty, Luke and Em are righties, like me. Sam still doesn't know if he's a left-handed player or a right-handed player...but we love him ambidextrously.

Can you believe it was warm enough to head to the beach last week?

Have I mentioned the weather is glorious? It's been park-hopping and eating on the back patio for us. Mother Nature is kindly helping us keep our house clean.

Two of us freckle, two of us brown like butter and two of us just turn pink. We are all shades of happy around here.

Want to buy our house?

The realtors have been knocking this week. Lots of foot traffic. Lots of good feedback. I spend an awful lot of time wiping out sinks, running up/down stairs to turn on every single light in the house. My home has never been this clean for so many consecutive days.

The youngest "old man" I know

Brad has been around a little bit more lately. It's so nice. Like sunshine, I don't realize how much I miss him until he comes back and lights up my life.

Here is what we do after dinner. The picture is a little shaky, but Emmie's commentary makes me smile.


Dancin Queen said...

Hallelujah! I totally get the "winter blues" and was already to get happy and celebrate until it dumped down snow for half of the day again 2 days ago. Ugh! So happy for your spring though. Hopefully mine will decide to stay....

Christie said...

Amen to a glorious spring! Ours has been fantastic.

Love the video. Makes me miss your little babies! Love the narration by Emmie.

Tristan said...

Yay for Spring!! It is in Utah finally (this week anyway).

You look so cute in that photo! The video is also way cute!

calibosmom said...

I'm lovin' Spring-yours looks fun too. Hasn't the weather been great? You don't need to move-come on! Stay here!

Heidi said...

Emmie is so cute. I can't wait to see her and all those screaming kids soon! My four screaming kids will be the perfect match!

Lauren in GA said...

That Emily definitely has a future in broadcasting. Her commentary was darling.

Mother Nature is so kind to help you keep your house clean. She was a hag when we were trying to sell. Glad you are getting good feedback!

Glad you are getting some natural sunlight! Arizona is going to have great sunlight, I'm betting ☺.

Cathy said...

I don't know how you all are going to live without that fabulous backyard, with those wonderful trees!

marta said...

This is a reality show I could watch over and over. I love all the giggling!

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