Friday, April 23, 2010

April Distractions

Last night, I came up with the perfect post along with alliterative title. I loved it and it was going to be so great. Then, as I started to type, I got that deja-vu-all-over-again kind of feeling and realized, after clicking around a bit, that I had used the EXACT title and written practically the EXACT same post almost EXACTLY 365 days ago.

So, I guess, the bottom line is this....I cannot focus on blogging (or making dinner or doing laundry or planning a lesson or shopping on a budget or anything requiring thought, patience or restraint) in April. It's not just this year, it's an annual occurence.

Aside from a life-changing cross-country move, children who are growing up faster than my azalea bushes and a calendar packed to the brim with springtime activities, here are a few of my favorite distractions:

Em and I have been reading this together at night. (Jake also usually shows up and lays on the floor "not listening." He's too cool for chick lit.) It is the original Mean Girls story and Emily is at the perfect age to read and discuss. I highly recommend for anyone with daughters (or cool older brothers).

Posession. Loved the book, love the movie. While Brad's been away this week, I have been watching it in 45 minute segments at night, in bed, on my laptop before being swallowed up in exhaustion. Sweet dreams.

And...if you happen to stay up too late reading to your kids or watching movies on your laptop, you will definitely want to get some of this stuff. Bobbi Brown concealer is the BEST for covering undereye circles and other unsightly facial flaws. My mom and sisters told me about it in Vegas and I am hooked. Serious spackle for the face. Thank you, Bobbi. You know how to treat a girl right.

What's distracting you this April?


Holly said...

It's okay to recycle titles (besides, wasn't it just Earth Day?)--even blog posts--sometimes life is just like Groundhog Day.

I did not know there was a Possession movie (or maybe I forgot?), but I enjoyed the book so I must add this to Netflix. Thanks!

I am currently distracted by my need to work my way though the Harry Potter series (a little late). I just started #5 and am loving it.

Christie said...

April and May are the busiest months, I swear. It's worse than the holidays around here. We have something EVERY DAY. Ugh.

Thanks for the book recommendation - I think that sounds like something right up Hannah's alley. I love that you read to your kids - I need to be better about that.

Do you have an ETA for moving yet? How's the house selling going?

Celia Fae said...

Hey. Holly quoted me.

What's really bad is when you write the same post again and you can't even find the original.

I couldn't get into Possession but on your rec I'll try it again.

I just read the Help. I was forced. It was so sad.

Lauren in GA said...

I love reading with my kids. I am not sure that they would pick that selection but it sounds great to me. Maybe I can get someone around here to, "not listen" to me. Adam has some, "friends" that are so mean to him.

My favorite distraction is a yummy afternoon nap. I need to get them in now becasue summer is on its way and nobody likes it when I nap in the afternoon.

Tristan said...

Love your distractions!!

My distractions: I am obsessed with buying shoes right now! And getting Maddie ready for dance pictures, rehearsals and recital coming up. And everything Spring :-)

Diane said...

I've been meaning to read Possession, but haven't yet.

Question: is the movie okay to watch right after reading the book, or is it better to wait until the book has faded a little from memory, so I don't get bogged down in the differences between movie and book, if you know what I mean?

Travelin'Oma said...

I am totally distracted by cowboys lately. And sorrels and soiled doves. (If anyone knows what they are, please contact me.)

Jessica said...

Distracting me? A baby/toddler who just discovered that EVERYONE IS OUTSIDE EXCEPT FOR HER?!

How am I supposed to get anything done between 3 and 7 when she stands and wails at the door the whole entire time?

calibosmom said...

The Hundred Dresses is on my night stand right now. Loved Possesion and I'm all over that Bobbi Brown spackle. Its baby shower season in these parts. I'm showered out and so is my wallet.

Meg said...

I always love your book recommendations!

And, I LOVE Bobbi Brown eye concealer.

Heidiram said...

I'm distracted by reading blogs that I haven't visited FOREVER . . . instead of sitting down and cranking out my thesis.

cannwin said...

When my husband goes away I watch episodes of the West Wing. Barring that (since I've seen the first five seasons about 6 times now) I watch sappy love stories he would never be fun to go to with. :)

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