Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Much Snow

"It snowed last night! It snowed last night! The angels had a pillow fight!"

Last night was just enough of a winter adventure to make us feel like real pioneers. We were without heat and power for almost 20 hours. Brad, truly, was in his element. Pa Ingalls, Bear Grylls and Jeff Probst all rolled together. He had the fire burning, the sidewalks cleared and spareribs sizzlin' in no time. I love that guy.
I had one Marmee moment warming the kids' winter clothes by the fire. I can see why there were so many references to hearth and home back then. We were hearthside a lot today. Dangerous.

My Lands' End investments paid off. I love when shopping works.

Real men aren't afraid of pink, sparkly accessories.

Even homework looks better by candlelight!

"Alone, snowflakes are weak and delicate...but look what they can do when they just stick together."


Diane said...

Beautiful, isn't it? So much more so when you don't have to go out in it.

We were once without power for 5 days. Finally got a generator hooked up an hour before the power came back on - the story of our lives!

(I love Lands End winter stuff too - my kids lived in it, it works just as well in the northwest)

♥Shally said...

And that is why I live where I live.

The End.


P.S.- I was wearing flip flops today.

Rochelleht said...

We have gotten 10 inches so far and it's STILL snowing!!!! This is crazy.

jessica said...

No power...No heat!!!? Honestly, I don't think I would have survived that.

That crazy snow was us last year, we got 19 inches in 24 hours...this year nothing. My kids only wore their snow pants/boots once this year. They have been complaining about it. I for one am grateful for the lack of snow but it sure looks gorgeous...

Hang in there Ma.

Travelin'Oma said...

You make everything look fun. Even blizzards. I love reading your life.

Christie said...

Why is it that men are completely capable when there's no electricity and heat, and yet completely useless when it's time to put away their own laundry. "What? I don't know where it goes." DUH.

Glad to see it finally stopped snowing there at least.

Lauren in GA said...

May I just say that Brad is the man!

You are cute...I love the angels had a pillow fight and snowflakes sticking together quotes.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved Christie's comment. True, so true.

marta said...

hooray for the snowstorm survival. i'm glad those boys move on from their 18 month snowsuits!!

stay warm, marmee..

the wrath of khandrea said...

well you know... many babies were conceived in the old days during blizzards. it was one of the few ways of staying warm.

nowadays, if the temp is below 68, don't even TRY to peel a layer of clothes off me. we'll get to that when the weather warms up, honey.

Tristan said...

Wow! That is so much snow!

Way to be positive in all this! Your husband was awesome!

Loved Christie's and Andrea's comments! Ha ha!

Jessica said...

Ryan has real fantasies of being Pa Ingalls. I'm happy to let him listen in on bedtime stories rather than trying it out YOUR way!

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