Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day the Vaccine Came to Town

My mom still remembers the day she got her polio shot. It was an historical and traumatizing event in her young life.
My kids had their own historical moment yesterday when the H1N1 vaccine finally came to town.
We stood in a line that wrapped around the high school with 11,000 of our closest friends and neighbors.
I have to confess that I dreaded the whole thing for days--the crowds, the crying, the craziness.
But I was pleasantly surprised. There were hundreds of volunteers, community helpers and medical staff.
The line moved quickly, the paperwork was minimal, the organization was simply fantastic.
My kids each took some big snorts with their little snouts.
And that's the last time they'll act like swine this season.
I hope.


Annemarie said...

We're still the meantime we've all already had the swine flu. Yay.

That picture of your cute girl is hilarious!

Ilene said...

This is horrible to admit but I haven't had a vaccine shot since I was 5.

It was that traumatic for me.

But somehow the trauma of birth always makes me willing for a epidural needle. Go figure.

diane said...

Do they have curly tails now?

crystal said...

That line looks horrendous! So glad you survived.

Lauren in GA said...

There are no vaccines to be found around here. I'm getting nervous.

It amazes me that they make a vaccine that you can snort. Very clever how you said they each snorted with their snouts. So perfectly put for the swine flu vaccine.

Jake said...

Wow I hated that day! From emmie

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