Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good News Thursday

  1. We're off to the World Series. Again! Of course I didn't start watching the Phillies until this week. Of course I only know the names of two players. (The cute ones...duh!) Of course I fall asleep before the seventh inning every time. Still, deep in my heart, I'm a phanatic. Go Phils!
  2. My husband will be in my time zone. For more than two days! October has been an experiment in single motherhood. Not a fan. Thankfully, he will be in town all next week to get me through the Halloween horror. I think we will still recognize each other.
  3. Today litttle pumpkins. Tomorrow the Big Apple! How lucky I am to have my mother in town. She adds natural carbonation and sparkle to the everyday. This morning we're taking the twinkies to the local Scarecrow Festival. Tomorrow just the two of us leave for some new york minutes and a whole lot of Bloomingdales. Can't wait.
  4. The health care crisis? I get it now! Although I'm late to the whole podcast revolution, I really really love it. My new fave is This American Life and this week I've been listening to their fascinating report on health care and insurance. Now I can stop nodding and pretending that I know what people are talking about. I feel smart.
  5. I found the solution to holiday stress...leave town! Thanksgiving? Christmas? You don't scare me. I am going to let someone else do all the work. Turkey day in the middle of nowhere surrounded by my favorite li'l pilgrims. Christmas in t-shirts and flip-flops. I am actually looking forward to the festivities for a change.

What's your good news today?


Christie said...

1. I am bitter my team did not make it to the series because my husband would have had tickets to three of the games. LAME.

2. What is it like to be in the same time zone as your husband? I'm not sure I've ever known that.


4. Am pretty clueless on the whole thing, which is sad. I need to be more like you.

5. CANNOT wait for Turkey Day. Am so excited it's ridiculous.

the wrath of khandrea said...

you do realize that with your baseball win comes the crushing of my husband's hopes for a freeway series?

it ain't pretty round these parts.

martha corinna said...

I love This American Life, it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. Check out the list of the most listened to, there are some incredible stories.

Do you ever listen to Storycorps? They are short and wonderful, I pod cast those to listen to while cleaning up and have a whole new perspective in just a few minutes of what someone else's life must be like. Amazing.

♥Shally said...

My Angels need to step it up so they can play your Phillies in the WS!

We can be rivals. :)

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for posting about number 4. It is safe to say that I never know what anyone is talking about.

Glad you have some good news. Single parenting sounds hard.

Ilene said...

It sounds like you are going to let your husband have single fatherhood moments. Good for you.

Thanks for sharing the good news!

beckyV said...

Husband in the same time zone is a good thing! My good news, I am taking my husband to a different time zone without my kids-we will be in Maui in 2 days!! (thanks mom!!)

Sally said...

We listen to This American Life too! It is great and provokes lots of interesting discussion between the husband and me.

And we are spending turkey day somewhere far away and tropical. Hint: we'll be eating Mexican food for dinner that day, not turkey! YAY!!

Jessica said...

We all know why he's going to be in town next meet me!

queenieweenie said...

good news INDEED!

Jenibelle said...

For the post season Jeff is a rabid PHANATIC...he hates the Yankees and he LOVES Philly for beating the Dodgers. If it were the Giants in the World Series you would have heard him...clear across the country!!

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