Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did you hear the angels sing yesterday?

Around 12:30 pm EST?

Because that was the moment I put my babies on a yellow bus and for 3.5 glorious hours ALL FOUR OF MY CHILDREN WERE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL AT THE SAME TIME.

All you young moms out there scraping oatmeal-applesauce flavored cement off the highchair, putting stickers on the "Potty Chart," and pushing tantrum-performing toddlers through the check-out aisle at WalMart...hang in there. This day will come for you, too. I promise.

What did I do with my precious 210 minutes? Took a shower and took a nap, because, of course, the yin to accompany my school-starting-yang is the fact that early morning seminary started this week as well and I am exhausted.

Here are a few shots of the first week of school...

Luke is smiling so wide because he is IN LOVE with his teacher. Wouldn't you be? He is bummed that she's already married, but that does not stop him from sending her anonymous love notes.

Southpaw Sam likes the teacher too, but all he really wants to do is ride the school bus.

Fifth-graders don't get excited about school bus rides and writing love notes to the teacher. But they do get all the leftovers at school lunch! This is, apparently, a huge perk and I'm trying not to be offended that Jake gags on my made-from-scratch Beef Stew at dinnertime, but is thrilled with an extra cafeteria hot dog. Just happy he's eating.

Emily has a mean mom who, thinking it was just a case of first-day jitters, ignored her sore throat and tummy ache and sent her to school anyway. She came home before lunch and spent the rest of the week in bed with strep. BUT she had a really cute back-to-school outfit.

Hot pink to match her tonsils.

She is back to third grade this week and loving it!

Brad made it back safe and sound from a week-long bike trip in Whistler, B.C. with three buddies.

It is no secret that I was not in love with this idea.

Look what I did to him when he came home...

Kidding. Of course. Those are just souvenirs he brought home with him.

Having a husband who knows he "owes you" is the best revenge anyway.



Annemarie said...


"It's the most wonderful time of the year!!"

Christie said...

Isn't public school the greatest gift a mother could receive?

And seriously, BRAD NEEDS TO STOP BIKING. That looks horrible. I can't believe he keeps getting on a bike with wounds like that.

Lisa-Marie said...

And to even think that those are not the worst injuries Brad has suffered. Yikes. I would hate it every time he went too. (Sorry, Brad. I know we are not helping your cause, here.)

I'm so happy to hear you say that school time is so great. Cause I look forward to Tue. and Thursdays from 12:30-2:30 when Connor is in preschool and Meg is napping and I get the house all to myself. Now, I'm going to allow myself to enjoy it AND not feel guilty too.

Amanda D said...

Great post. Those are quite the bruises your husband got. Impressive. Cute pics of the kids! I hope you get to enjoy your time - don't spend it all cleaning!

Rochelleht said...

YEAH!!! But just wait, it's amazing how all this 'free' time gets filled up. I'm so busy, I can't breath, or blog...

Lauren in GA said...

Congratulations!!! Love that you got a nap!!

Sorry about the strep and the bike injuries, though.

Would Brad be offended if you slipped some sort of training wheels on his bike? I know he knows how to ride but does he know how to stop?

Just kidding ;)

Robin said...

You look positively joyful in that picture.

Ilene said...

Darling children. Poor baby girl.

My husband is going out of town this weekend and next for football.

I'm all about "revenge" and am planning my first trip leaving him behind with all of the children. Can't wait!

diane said...

Now that is a great week!

You were a teensy bit rough on your man. Ewww. I would like some purple shoes in that shade.

I told my kids they had to go to school unless there eyes were bleeding. I'm pretty mean. I guess I'll let my kid stay home if she gets swine flu.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i snorted when i read this.

at least brad wasn't hospitalized this time.

calibosmom said...

I'm so so happy for you. It really is one of the greatest days in a mom's life. Enjoy it, love it, and never feel guilty for taking those afternoon naps.

Travelin'Oma said...

Gimme an S! Gimme a cool! Gimme a cheer! It feels like an earthquake, but it's moms from sea to shining sea yelling "Have a good day!" as the bus pulls away and they start doing backflips.

And why are these guys still cruisin for a bruisin? (I seem stuck in the 50's for this post) Don't they know they're middle-aged?

Jenibelle said...

Any husband that would leave his wife for a week deserves the bruises. Not really, but it sounded good and mean.

I know it's not a good mother thing to do...but I always LOVED the first day of school.

Jessica said...

Husband home AND all the kids in are one lucky lady.

And I TOTALLY tried to get Jane to wear what Emily did for her first day. She went for the 80s rock look. (Why is that EVERYWHERE?)

And, would you mind if I called you sometime next week. I need to plan my trip and I know you are so good at that kind of thing. Email me your number, if you please:

♥Shally said...


There is a huge part of me looking forward to that day...

But there is a huge part of me TOTALLY DREADING that day! It will be too quiet.

So glad you are enjoying it! :)

Hazen5 said...

No Kids for how long?! You look so happy and refreshed in that picture, it must have been taken after your Nap!

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