Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love Ireland...Do U2?

Irish eyes are smilin'...this kid bleeds green...our own family leprechaun!
My St. Paddy's day suggestions:
Make these cookies, shape and decorate into shimmering shamrocks. Munch them as you recline with a new book by a favorite Irish author and don't forget some Irish tunes**.
**St Pat's trivia questions for my relatives...
--With which member of U2 did Opa share a plane?
--Which U2 song did Grampa Jiggs sing at one of our last family sing-alongs?


Annie said...

Oh, yay! I love Maeve Binchy and didn't know she had written a new one. Happy wearin' of the green!

calibosmom said...

Shamrock cookies-check
good book-check
Irish tunes-check check
Happy Patties Day!

Christie said...

Trivia answers:

1. Bono (or Bone-O, as I've heard it described from you all over the years)

2. With or Without You? That's my best guess, although I do remember that moment with extreme fondness. He sat there and tried to sing along, just like everyone else. It was hilarious and endearing, all at once.

Do I win a prize?

diane said...

Thanks for the happy mail. I love it! Wishing you the luck of the Irish.

wenderful said...

Happy Green Day! I'm making those cookies tomorrow. Thanks.
And cute pic!

gab said...

Stie...You of course win a prize!

And, you are right, it was With or Without You. For some reason, I was thinking it was Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...but you are totally right.

Don't you think Dad should do a book for U2? He and Bone-O shared so much on that plane...

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for the recipe ☺.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, lassie. lassie Scottish or Irish?

Love the picture of your personal leprechaun. His eyes really are smiling!

Jenibelle said...

A new Maeve book? Barnes and Noble run tonight!!

I'd forgotten what today was til Scotty pinched me. I told him I had green underwear on. He looked very confused.

Heed said...

What a great memory I had forgotten. I mean really... that sing along was the greatest! I can just hear him trying to pick out that harmony... that was too good.
Thanks for that Irish Memory.
& I hope you caught U2 on Letterman everyday for the week a few weeks ago!

Hazen5 said...

I am making those for tonight! YUM

Travelin'Oma said...

I just got the real story. Baw-no (Not Bone-O. We're not THAT un-cool) was on a flight from London to NYC with Dee (sitting in different classes, of course.) When they got off the plane almost simultaneously Dad saw crowds of girls holding signs and yelling "Bono" and then he realized the guy in the bowler hat was someone famous...

I don't even remember which sing-a-long you're referring to!

Where did Jake bury his bag of gold?

Ilene said...

Dang, I totally missed St. Patrick's Day. This is what you get when your kids don't go to school and you are half alive with a nasty sinus cold thing.

Next year, right?

Holly said... cute are you?!?!

The extent of our St. Pat's was the purchase and eating of Lucky Charms and wearing green.

I love Maeve Binchy too, haven't visited her in a while, next time I hit the library I will.

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