Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Mid-October Life

Brad spent last week at a conference in Southern California...driving a sports car, eating out and at the ballpark with the Phillies and Dodgers.

I spent my week single-parenting and plotting my revenge.

I got it by taking him to this movie last night. Brad was one of three men in the entire theater. The place was so full of estrogen, I think he had a hot flash.

He actually liked the show (it WAS excellent...just as good as the book!) and bought me my favorite movie snacks. I love that guy!

I love him because, before leaving town, he installed some O-C-Delightful shelving in my closet.
As you can see from the "before" shot, my clothes closet had been a source of hidden shame for far too long. But, now it is spic-n-span (I think even you would approve, Stie!) and I want to spend all my free time there.

I got carried away and organized the kids' closets too. So, if you come over... don't mind the dishes in the sink, the toys on the stairs or the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards strewn on the floor, just ask to see the sparkling closets. I'll proudly give you a tour.

In an unrelated story, Sam was a real screaming fan on the soccer field this week. There was also a field trip (to the fire station!) and a birthday party (at Chuck-E-Cheese!)...his life is full. Sam's new talent is counting to 100 at least 100 times a day.

Em tore it up on the soccer field yesterday. She also went to the Book Fair and spent a large amount of money, but came home with no books. Only highlighters, pens and posters. Apparently, books are "too expensive." I'm glad she is a bargain shopper. Just like her mom.

Jake is only allowed to practice the clarinet outside the house. Some music is best heard at a distance. This kid is having an amazing 4th grade year and scored way above our expectations on state-wide standardized testing. I am taking all the credit.

Luke learned to ride a two-wheeler! Now we have three kids who are training-wheel free. He is slightly dangerous, but thrilled beyond words. (And the really cute thing is that his twin brother is just as proud...not jealous at all.)

As you can see, the leaves are stunning and the weather is Octoberlicious! Please come for a visit.

(The closets are amazing...)


Anonymous said...

How beautiful with the fall, the kids, and the "plotted revenge"! I love it, I get the biggest kick out of the stories you share about your "one in a million" guy! My best to you all!

Lindsey said...

Ohh la la! What wonderful things have been going on at your house!!! THanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

We have a bookfair rule now. No toys and the books have to be something that you can get credit for in class.
I'm glad to hear about Secret Life of Bees. The reviews haven't been very good...but they get it wrong half the time anyway.

Christie said...

Wasn't that the best book adaptation EVER? I truly felt like it was as good as the book. Cried my way through it with a few girlfriends (Josh didn't deserve to be punished this week, unlike Brad).

Secondly, LOVE the closets. I'd be in heaven. They look so beautiful. Yay! I'd sleep in there, if I were you.

Meg said...

The gift of an organized closet. Is there anything greater?

Melissa-Mc said...

It's nice to see an organized closet that actually has stuff in it. Do you notice that all the ads or articles in magazines for closet organizers NEVER have more than a couple things in them.

Well done!

Jenibelle said...

I'm laughing because I thought they were Irish dancing in the soccer picture, they are all perfectly coordinated with their arms to the side. (I am so strange lately.)

Oh! Everything else was nice. Thank you Phillies for knocking out the Dodgers. And could your husband come and OCD up my closet? Byron says that where you would find the lost ten tribes.

Clair said...

Such a bummer that when we get one area of the house sparkling the rest of it goes to pot!

My oldest two also came home from the BOOK fair with no books this year! I was very disappointed, but had to admit I did not give them any guidelines before hand. We now have plenty of pencil sharpeners and cute but worthless erasers.

Clair said...

ps- your housekeeping observation inspired my current post :)

TravelinOma said...

A clean, organized closet is my obsession. Luckily I can concentrate on my own now. I used to be terrified of what I might find in the kids closets: dead things, gross things, live things...wet, stinky things. Is Jake giving band concerts outside?

TravelinOma said...

A clean, organized closet is my obsession. Luckily I can concentrate on my own now. I used to be terrified of what I might find in the kids closets: dead things, gross things, live things...wet, stinky things. Is Jake giving band concerts outside?

Lauren in GA said...

You are so witty...I loved your parting shot of "The closets are amazing."

I am so glad to hear that the movie is as good as the book because that seldom happens. I laughed at your saying that your husband may have had a hot flash.

Oh, and "OC Delightful" was brilliant. I am totally stealing that title you brilliantly coined. ;)

My kids come home from book fairs with all kinds of stuff and no books, too. Erasers, highlighters, mini-calculators, pens with funky erasers books.

Hollyween said...

That first picture is gorgeous!!
I love that you love fall as much as ME. It's my favorite.

I'm totally jealous of your OCD closet. Mine needs some serious help!!

jessica said...

I'm totally OCD about my closets too. I think it's because they are easy to keep organized and the rest of my when I am feeling overwhelmed I just open my linen closet where everything is folded beautifully and color coordinanted.

andrea said...

the soccer shot totally looks like riverdance in motion.

your closets kind of turned me on. OCDelicious is the best description i've ever heard of our "condition". thank you.

and yes, why is it during the husband's absence, we have all these vicious thoughts of revenge, but as soon as they come home, they're back in good graces? crazy circle of life.

Robin said...

"The place was so full of estrogen, I think he had a hot flash." - this is the funniest thing I have read on a blog in a long time.

well done

Amanda D said...

What a great update, Gab. I'm glad to hear that the movie is good! I read the book a long time ago, so I am planning to reread it before I see the movie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that picture makes me jealous. I love fall leaves!
Glad he liked the movie. And your closet looks spectacular!

Ilene said...

Are you pregnant? Sounds like nesting to me.

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I was hoping it was good!

diane said...

When my son was home with mono I took him to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood movie. He was scarred for life.

I wish you could have come to San Diego while your husband was time.

polly said...

Beautiful closets, beautiful husband, beautiful kids, beautiful street and house!

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