Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seven Questions...The Father's Day Edition

In the spirit of this special day, I am breaking with tradition and posting my first interview with a non-blogging non-female.
It's about time we hear from another demographic, don'tcha think?

Meet my dad...the smartest person I know. If I ever were on that Millionaire show, Dad would totally be my "phone-a-friend." He is a walking encyclopedia. History, geography, and gospel subjects are his specialty. But he would do very well in the political and current events sections, too.

Dad has travelled a lot and met his fair share of glittering celebrities. (Bono, Arnold Palmer and President Monson, just to name a few...) However, his favorite people are little old ladies with boxes of junk in their attics.

Most of all, Dad loves to spend time with his wife and family and we love to be with him, too. Because Dad isn't just really smart. He's really wise.

Here are his thoughts on being a dad...

1) What are a few of your favorite fatherhood memories?
My favorite memories were watching the birth of each of you, except Josh, who was born while I was at ROTC summer camp at Ft. Lewis. There is nothing so humbling as feeling truly helpless, while watching your wife and the Lord produce a miracle right before your eyes.

I relished each time any of you bit off more than you could chew, and then chewed it.

2) What lessons did you learn from your own father?
My own father taught me the value of good, old-fashioned hard work. It is truly satisfying and rewarding. He also taught me a great lesson in finding out what your children want to do, and then encouraging them to do it.

3) What lessons have you learned from your sons?
My own sons and daughters have taught me much more than I ever taught them. I never ceased to be amazed at what diverse and talented children you all are.

I have been most pleased to stand on the sidelines and watch you struggle and then overcome each hurdle. I often wonder to myself and Oma, “Where did these children come from?” They are all so good and so willing to do the right thing.

I have been most pleased to be on your team and to watch as each of you pass me by in accomplishing your goals on your own.

4) How do you feel wives can better support their husbands in the fatherhood role?
To the wives: Keep gently encouraging your husbands out the door to do the right things, and letting them think it was all their own idea.

5) What was it like becoming a father-in-law? What advice would you give to someone new to this role?
Becoming a father-in-law was a cinch for me personally. I was so grateful to the spouses who loved our children as much as I did, and were begging to take them off our hands.

6)You are a good example of a father who takes on "non-traditional" household chores (ironing, laundry, cooking). Any words to guys who think this is "women's work"?
My hat is off to each father that I have observed. You are all much more “hands on” in helping with the children than I ever was. Keep up the good work.

7) What is the best thing about being a grandfather? What is the one piece of advice you would give to your grandchildren?

Being Opa is as good as it gets. I love being surrounded with so many Heroes.

To all our grands: Love the Lord and Mind your Parents—they love you most.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you...

(Click here to see why I love my dad so much...and click here if you are a little old lady with a lot of boxes in your attic!)


andrea said...

what a tribute. what a man. your relationship makes me happy. thanks for sharing it.

Shally said...

He sounds great! Love the old pics...

TravelinOma said...

You taught Opa everything he knows about fatherhood. I'm sure you still know stuff he doesn't know, but you've been a great person to practice on all these years! Great interview, Gab! Love, Oma

Annie said...

Thanks for this, Gab. Nice tribute, sounds like a great man. The fruit doesn't fall far from the're wise and wonderful too!

Bridget said...

The more of you Halversons I get to know, the more I just plain love your family. What a great dad you have.

crayola said...

What a lovely bond you share with your dad. It was fun to hear from a man on your blog, too.

Ilene said...

What a great idea. I may copy your questions and send it to my own dad.

Cathy said...

So sweet and so special! What a real dad!

Jenibelle said...

Does middle aged with crud in the garage count?

Sweet tribute, your Dad looks like the textbook image of what a grandpa is supposed to look like!

Hollyween said...

He sounds amazing.
I just love your interviews, Gab. They're always so much fun to read!

Marci said...

So interesting! Your dad sounds amazing. It sounds like you got some of your great personality from him! ;)

Tristan said...

It is great to hear from your Father! He sounds like a great guy!

Lauren said...

That was truly wonderful. I love how he loved watching all of your births (except wonderful Jost)

I loved the, "bit off more than you can chew and then chewed it", too...I hope my Dad feels the same about me and my siblings.

Such a great interview.

marta said...

Perfect interview, gab, what a fun idea. Putting Dad on the spot was so enlightening. We couldn't ask for a better Opa!!! Hats off to our Dad!

Lindsey said...

This was perfect! I love the part about letting them think it was their own idea. Wonderful, perfect and sage advice THAT WORKS! :)

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