Saturday, March 8, 2008

Seven Questions...Keepin' It Real

If you have not yet met Celia and read her hilarious spin on life, you are completely missing out! Her blog is one of the first stops on my daily round. I've loved her from the beginning because:

  • Our husbands could be twins.
  • She is my same age (ancient among bloggers)!
  • Her writing is real and really really funny.
    1. Celia is wildly blog-popular. I think the reason she has such a following is because, aside from being a great writer and spot-on social commentator, Celia is completely comfortable in her own skin. She hates decorating! She hates dieting! She doesn't try to cover up an unsightly blemish...she takes a photo and blogs about it! Everyone can relate to Celia and everyone wants to be her friend.

      In a world full of phonies, an authentic woman is hard to find. Here are Celia's real thoughts on real life...

    1. You have a talent for seeing the fun and funny in day-to-day reality...driving your kids to school, sitting through church meetings, eating at Panera bread. Is this a conscious choice or do you just think "real" life is fun?
    A timely question. My friend, Brigitta, left a comment on one of my weekly journal posts. She said that she had spent much of the week with me but it seems much more amusing when I write about it. It's true. It was a boring week. So I guess the answer to that question is that finding the funny is a conscious choice. Blogging has really helped me have a positive attitude, though. I think all bloggers have had those moments when something crummy happens and they think, "Well, at least I can blog about it!"

    2. Why do you think women so often put on a phony front? How do you find "real" friends?
    I think people put on a phony front for a few reasons. First, maybe they don't know who they really are. Second, they are afraid that they will be known and not loved. Third, they aren't thinking, they are only doing. I can tell pretty quickly following a conversation who is going to be a "real" friend just by the things they say. It's funny, I'm wary of anyone who overshares at the beginning, but I am also bored with someone who can't talk about real life. There is a happy medium, and usually it takes a little work and a lot of trust to get there.

    3. Is your husband really your bishop? Do you find it difficult to be your real self while he leads your entire congregation?
    This is the easiest question. No, thankfully, my husband is not my bishop. He's in the bishopric. We're hoping his leadership run will soon be over for awhile, and I'm a little trunky. He hasn't sat with us in Sacrament meeting or been with us on Sunday morning since Max was seven. He's thirteen now. I'm over it and ready for some help.
    It used to make me cringe that people thought I represented my husband. I'm pretty sure no one thinks that anymore. Everyone who knows us knows that we have very different personalities. He is a rule follower and has a lot of restraint, at least in public. I'm the opposite, obviously.

    4. I love the fun relationships you seem to have with all of your sisters. They probably know the "real Celia" better than any of us. What secrets would your sisters tell us about you?
    I'm wracking my brain for some secrets. It seems like my life is an open book. Maybe they would tell you I was bossy. Perhaps they would tell you that I tend to tell "apocryphal" stories, that is, stories with embellishments. I'm sure they would tell you I wear ugly shoes. I don't know if they could tell you how much I cherish the sister relationships I have because we don't talk like that in our family.

    5. Name your real-and-true favorite...
    Color: mostly blue with a little pink and green.
    Food: Breakfast: plain Cheerios, sugar and milk.
    Lunch: sandwich from Safeway Deli called the Chicago South Sider. Crusty roll, roast beef, onions, tomatoes, lettuce with horseradish sauce.. Yum.
    Dinner: Something fancy that I can't make myself, like sushi or fish.
    Dessert: flourless chocolate cake.
    Vacation spot: My parents had a house on Kauai. Going there was idyllic and heavenly or crowded and expensive.
    Novel: Must I choose one?

    6. Who are the three women you admire most in your real life? What have you learned from them?
    I had to think hard about this. The first woman is my old best friend, Shauna. She moved to Utah last year. She taught me how to face my problems directly instead of avoiding them. The second woman is a woman from my ward growing up, Shanna Parmley. She is married to a muckety-muck high up church guy but she isn't holier than thou. She is funny and friendly and clever without being offensive. I would be remiss if I didn't mention my own mother. She taught me how to enjoy my children and that being a stay at home mom is the best job ever.

    7. As your daughters grow, what do you hope to teach them about becoming "real" women?
    Watching my daughter, Claire, who is ten, approach adolescence is one of the hardest things I've had to do so far. It triggers many of my own emotions and I really don't want to project my experience onto hers. I guess I can help her be "real" by validating her experiences.

    Thanks so much, Celia! You are a true friend...

    Warning: Groundhog Day with Celia Fae is highly addictive, with dangerous side effects.
    Do not click over unless your bladder is completely empty and you have at least an hour to spare.

    p.s. Celia is such a "real friend"--she put on her own Gabtalk interview and asked yours truly a few probing questions.
    They will be featured Monday, March 10th for my special Blogiversary Post! Tune in...


    Celia Fae said...

    Ack! I'm not worthy of this blissful and wonderful attention!

    Thanks Gab. You made my day.

    Jessica said...

    Just wait, Celia...everyone will leave the nicest comments on here.

    Which you totally deserve because your blog is simply amazing and I think I'm awesome because I've actually hung out with you.


    Bridget said...

    What a great post. I love your recommendation to pee before reading her blog. She is hilarious and can't wait to actually meet her in real life, outside of the blogosphere.

    The MomBabe said...

    YAY!!! I ♥ Celia!

    Marty said...

    How did the mombabe do the heart????? I've been trying to figure that out!

    I imagine that Celia Fae and Gab would be best friends in real life. I think cool people are spread out so we all know a few. (Weird people aren't spread out as much, so we all know a lot.) I can picture the two of you laughing together and everyone would know you're both totally cool.

    Celia Fae said...

    I'll be best friends with Gab.

    You are right, Jessica, I love this post and the comments. And Bridget, I hope I don't disappoint. Bring on the coke products!

    diane said...

    Thanks for sharing. I'm way older than you girls. Your husbands do look like twins. Brother from another mother! I need a box of tissue while reading Celia's blog...laugh til I cry!

    Sally said...

    Great interview, great questions, great answers. Thanks Gab and Celia.

    Jenibelle said...

    And her fourth most admired friend is Jenibelle who has taught her...
    Since we're canonizing Celia today I have something also...when little Clairey-berry was born with her cleft palatte, Celia was (of course) devastated. I was talking to her on the phone while she was still at the hospital. "I don't know if I can do this" she whispered through her tears. Well Celia, you look at that beautiful, confidant, smart and hysterially funny HAVE done it, and wonderfully. But don't let all this praise go to your head because I can tell other stories too!!!

    PS. Her shoes aren't necessarily "ugly" they are comfy. SO there.

    Paige said...

    Gab, what a great job! You really ask great questions. It's true about Celia, her life is about doing the best she can with it, but it's always fun. And when it isn't fun, it's even better because her commentary is. If you think her blog is good, being her sister is better because we are completely uncensored. Hard to believe but our blogs are highly censored.

    I agree your husbands are twins. He'd probably hate me like Carl. I'd wear it with pride.

    crystal said...

    I got to know Celia through her comments on other blogs which I read frequently. Finally I decided to lose my inhibitions and just visit HER, and loved her from the first! She's someone that would make a fabulous road trip friend.

    Ellie said...

    I was looking for my name under people you admire, Celia. Also, I know you are gargling with joy over TWO blogs with comments. Lastly, I cherish our sister relationship. Snicker Snicker.

    Brigitta said...

    Yes, it is true, everyone wants to be her friend and she is a friend to many. I am lucky enough to get to hang out with her and talk to her everyday. She keeps me laughing, and keeps it real. That was so fun to read thanks Gab!!! you will love meeting her at blogapalooze. I am sad because it's (blogapalooza) is right when I will be having my baby. So you guys are taking her away from me and I don't get to have her here to take care of me during that time! so have fun!

    Lauren said...

    I loved this!!!!!!

    She truly does have a hilarious spin on life! I adore reading her blog and laugh continually as I do. Hers is one of those blogs that you end up thinking about throughout the day because it is so funny and real.

    I was born in 1970, too! That makes us all 29 year olds born in 1970!

    Gabi, I love your interviews, you ask the GREATEST questions! I also loved the "warning" at the end of this post. Way to be concerned about all of our are a giver...I can tell.

    Rochelleht said...

    How fun! Celia's a crack-up! I love her step by steps of getting her kids to school. Too funny.

    I totally agree with the over-telling vs. not enough info when you first meet a person. There is so much you can tell from a first impression.

    Maybe that's what's so fun about blogging. I feel you get to know a person very well, because it seems to me to be difficult to fake it. I mean, you can't pretend that you didn't get pooped on that day. You can put a fun spin on it, but that's the real life we're livin' and there ain't no denyin' it. Celia's a great example of that.

    Great interview, as usual, Gab!!

    Denae said...

    All of this is true and what a great interview Gab! I am lucky to be a real life friend with Celia. She has taught me lots of things and helped me through rough times. She's a great friend and person and so funny! I am so glad she started blogging!

    Pineapple Princess said...

    Great interview Gab. It is fun to read the answers to the questions that we'd all like to know. Usually we aren't privy to this kind of info unless it is a bday tribute.

    She IS so fun to read, in a peeing your pants kind of way. Empty bladder is imperative.

    tAnYeTTa said...

    Great interview!

    I'm here by way of Celia's blog.

    She's the G.O.A.T.* of all blogs!!!

    Greatest of all time :)

    I'm the heathen friend of the family and they embrace me just the same. gotta love that part too!!!

    Ashley said...

    I am a big Celia fan and I say this was a great interview and tribute! Thanks for helping us get to know Celia a little better. I love how she is so funny and irreverent but is obviously very sweet and sentimental too.

    Hazen5 said...

    Celia fan and friend here! And first time commenter on your blog! Love the interview, you did a great job. Celia I think is even better in person! Just wait till Blogapalooza, watch out everyone!

    Lindsey said...

    I want the UNCENSORED VERSION! I have 4 sisters, so I know how that goes. We let it ride. But that is what is great about you. You may censor a little for us, BUT you stil let it fly in the most honest of ways. THAT is why we like to read it. Thanks Gab, this is a fun little tradition. :) You guys are all amazing.

    Hollyween said...

    I LOVE Celia. She's the bomb and I agree that her blog is extremely addicting. She sucked me in.

    I love all your interviews, Gab. Now it's time for me to catch up with the rest of your entries. I'm behind in the bloggy world!!

    katie said...

    great post - I love when I get to learn so much about fellow bloggers... I need to put more thoughts into my own... too much thinking while blogging is not fun though... sigh.

    Perhaps I'm just lazy.


    Audry said...

    Great interview. Celia is such a real person, I'm glad that I've been able to get to know her in person.

    Nortorious said...

    Wow, is it your birthday again?
    Yes on the bad shoes. Celia would never reveal how many naps she takes each day.
    Nice tribute post.

    Ilene said...

    Who doesn't love a good does of Celia to cheer their day?

    I can't believe how often she posts and yet her posts are all consistently funny and honest.

    It's a lot to aspire to. . .

    Christie said...

    Celia truly cracks me up. EVERY.DAY. She's one of my favorite stops on my daily blog tour. I had no idea Claire had a cleft pallate - she is beautiful and you can't tell at all in any of the pictures. Way to be funny AND cope with hardship. Can't wait to meet in real life.

    andrea said...

    pass the kleenex. cue the dionne warwick.
    -keep smiling, keep shining...-

    i want to hug somebody.

    this was fun. thanks for doing it.

    Mique said...

    I've lurked for awhile on her blog- she is hilarious. Guess it's time to say hello.
    Again, great bring out the best in people. :)

    Jill said...

    Fun post Gab! I'm glad I know about Celia's blog too because she is so awesome and there are not enough "real" women in this world, so she is a gem! I can't wait to meet her in May! YIPPEE.
    Gab, you are a "real" woman too! Thanks :)

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