Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hairy Situations

All right, ladies...let's pretend we are all sitting in my bedroom in our pj's, discussing hair--what else?--I have some questions for you and I'd like your input.

  1. What do you do if a new friend asks you for your hairdresser's phone number? Isn't this like the worst kind of blind-date-matchmaker situation? I mean, what if she goes and spends a fortune on your recommendation and HATES her hair? Hair is a big responsibility.
  2. Do you think it is a good idea to have a friend cut your hair? A friend from church works at my salon. He is a really nice guy and I know he does a good job...but I have never dared sit with him. Basically, because I am in a committed-long-term relationship with Danielle, my stylist of 7 years. But also, because I believe in the SEPARATION OF CHURCH & HAIR. Is that wrong?
  3. Is it a beauty college pre-requisite for all prospective stylists to have a dysfunctional family, a psycho-stalker ex-boyfriend, and/or a very, very rare degenerative disease? Seriously, every single hairdresser I've ever visited has had a life that could inspire at least two full seasons of All My Children. Or are they really normal, boring people just making it all up for big sympathy tips?
  4. Are the expensive hair products really worth it? I can't decide if they are. They definitely smell better. But since my kids inevitably spill half the bottle trying to make bubble beards, maybe I would be better off buying Suave. that we've got that out of our systems, please pass the Chex Mix and let's paint each other's toenails!


Annie said...

1. Sure, pass it along and take it as a great compliment on your hair! I'm looking for a good one, too. Too bad you're so far away from me.

2. Never. Ever. It's like gynecologists; you just don't want to mix friendship with those kind of professions. You'd be one bad hair experience from ruining your friendship.

3. You're right! Me too...every hairdresser has SAGAS.

4. Worth it. I've been through the Suave years but I think there is a definitely a difference (but it's still Suave for the kids!)

Bridget said...

I'm with Annie.

Yes on #1. Obviously they love your hair and you really can't take the blame if they don't like their new haircut.

Definitely NO on two. We have two hairdressers in my ward who a lot of my friends go to. Way to sticky of a break up if things don't work out.

3. One of the reasons I love my stylist is she is quiet. I often bring a book to read while I have my hair done.

4. SO worth it! For 9 years I used Aveda Elixir- leave in hair conditioner. Several months ago they stopped making it! I was devastated. I have since tried Kiehls and Bumble and Bumble as replacements. It is difficult to lose a product though. I was grieving for weeks.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

No, it is never good to get your hair done by someone you know, most especially if they do it out of their home. What if you hate it? There are just some things worth paying a stranger for.

I am actually always asking people who they go to for hair (maybe because I haven't found a good one yet) so I want to share that information. If I ask you, you know it's because your hair looks good.

And good products are WORTH IT, but not for the kids. In the summer, I buy my kids the expensive chlorine remover shampoo, but it's Suave every day for them. But for me, it's nothing but the best! Bumble and Bumble rocks.

mama jo said...

pretty funny...loved the church and hair...i would say who i go to,because they are giving you a compliment...i would rather not mix the don't want to be mad at your friends...and yes, every hairdresser is a soapstar...and i think better products are the way to go...

Marty said...

I don't ever go to a stylist I know. I used to go to my cousin, and I liked the way she cut, but she was impossible to get in to. It was a touchy situation, and I won't do that again.

My worst stylist breakup was because she had become my good friend. I knew all the marriages, divorces and drug habits of her ex-husband's siblings, and I knew how scared she was to go off on her own and open her new salon (which was 45 min. away from me.)

I couldn't just stop going. I had to actually break-up complete with "It's not's me" and hugs at the end. It was awful. Since then I switch between 2 stylists at the same salon, and I take a book and don't chat. I don't want to feel responsible for services I'm paying big money for. I just want to relax.

And, yes, Aveda products are totally worth the price.

Rochelleht said...

You're great! I have been with my hairdresser for 7 years, too. I haven't had my hair cut in a while. It's embarrassing. I ran into her at the store and I had to confess that though I haven't seen her in a while, I haven't seen anyone! I've been faithful to her and hair celibate.

Lauren said...

Oh, Fun! I haven't been invited to a slumber party in so long!!!!!

You know what is kind of stylist is named Danielle, too.

I firmly believe in the seperation of church and really is a good policy.

Chex Mix?!!!Pshaw!! Chex mix is too healthy! Don't you have any chocolate...or Oreos...I love Oreos for slumber parties :) I promise not to spill milk all over your bed.

Holly said...

I agree that every hairdresser has a story, and sometimes the story could be on Dr. Phil. Or Jerry.

I think the better products do make a difference, especially for color treated hair. That said, I still mix it up to make the good stuff last longer.

Celia Fae said...

My problem with reccommending my hair person is that I can't give out her number to people I think can't handle it. Like some people, they can't book out for six months, and that's what it takes to have a good hair person around here. Those people do not get the precious phone number of 325-2727. Like how I know it by heart?

I've learned a lot of life lessons from my hair girl. Like if your husband is named Angel and he cheats on you, you should divorce him and then take him back. Also, you can be 39 with a 21 year old daughter and a 3 year old grandson. Betcha didn't know.

I like Pantene Pro-V.

Amanda said...

1. Pass on the name to your friend! What a compliment to your hair stylist.

2. Stay with your stylist! I'm sure that the person in your ward understands.

3. Not sure I like this one...I don't think that I could have inspired any seasons of All My Children, but I don't know what my clients think!

4. Totally worth it. You can use less and they are going to protect your hair more.

What color are we doing our toes?

The MomBabe said...

1. I change my answer everytime mostly because I DO hair and I do my own and sometimes, I just don't want some people to call me and make an appointment.

2. KEEP.IT.SEPARATE. umm, esp. being an LDS stylist and some people thinks that I should give them a discount because they're in my ward.... YEAH.RIGHT. You're paying me, even if it's "just a trim." bah. Listen to my mantra: You are paying me for what I LEAVE ON YOUR HEAD. Not for what I take off....

3. what's you point?

4. WORTH.EVERY.PENNY. Some things you can get away with, and for kids? definitely do the Suave thing, but Momma deserves some hair TLC.

The MomBabe said...

Oh, and as far as the Church and Hair thing? I also vote to keep it separate because sometimes we (hairstylists) FIRE clients that we deem unsuitable. (or just don't like)

And after I fired you and told you that I wouldn't do your hair, but I still do some people's hair in the ward? it just gets awkward....

and yes, I totally fire retarded people. Once was enough for me, thankyouverymuch.

the hogan's said...

-give the number...its their risk going to someone new so you shouldn't feel bad if they hate it.

-id go to a close friend who you can be honest with, but if its just an acquaintance then no way...too awkward, especially if you never go back!

-my hair guy is absolutely NUTS, and same with my old hair girl. so im pretty sure its a pre-rec. but then again my little sis does hair and shes normal.

-i use head & shoulders, not b/c i have dandruff but b/c it was recommended to me by a dermatologist for growing my hair long. i love the smell and how it makes my hair feel...and its like $4 a bottle. i love the expensive stuff too and think its great, but if its like $40 a bottle and lasts a week, then its not worth it!

Jessica said...

1. Yes, especially cause your hair looks good in all your pictures.
2. I NEVER go to people I know, because I WILL NOT sacrifice my hair to be kind and thus, would have to ditch them if they sucked and that would be awkward, so I avoid it at all costs.
3. I have a very normal, strong Catholic hairdresser who has two amazingly well behaved teenage boys. ALl the Mormon clients she has keep trying to convert her.
4. Not really. I'm a middle of the road girl. Some cheapies, some mid-range, ONE expensive mousse.

(That was fun!)

Denae said...

I think expensive works better. And I have hair issues. I have only ever found one girl I liked to cut my hair ... and now she lives 2 hours away. I have to risk strangers all of the time and I just can't commit to anyone yet! I need help!

Mique said...

I don't think the expensive stuff is worth for the same reasons you said- kids dumping it (DAILY) in the bathtub. And for me, for some reason I've always used something like Herbal Essence and every time I go into a salon, they say- "Your hair is so healthy, you must use XYZ..." but I don't. I guess it just depends on your type of hair.
On a hair related topic- my SIL pointed out to me yesterday (as though it was positive news) that I had a gray hair!!! What the? Never before have I experienced a gray. Time to go to the expensive stylist I suppose............

Megan said...

#1 is o.k. with me. I think it is a compliment that they are asking for the number. I also think everyone assumes their own risk.
#2. I totally agree. Church and hair. Can definately be bad news. I once had a hair dresser from church that would not do my hair the way I asked because she said my hair was a reflection of her! Crazy huh!
#3. This one just made me totally start laughing!
#4. Totally worth it. Not for kids but for me a total treat!

lainakay said...

Ooh, a slumber party! Love it!

1. Absolutely give the number! If they asked you then they love your hair and the responsibility falls on them and the stylist.

I'm wishing I knew someone with great hair, like you, right now and could get a stylist recommendation! Yikes! I broke up with Guillermo last year after twelve plus years. Twelve years, five of which I traveled two hours to get to him. Oh, he was good. We just got into a rut somewhere. So sad. I do miss him. Haven't been able to find anyone good since. I've been to three or four different places/stylists since and... agh. Definitely, help your friend out... give her the number!

2. No, no, no. What if you hate the cut he gives you and then you don't go back and you still have to see him every Sunday. Not fun!

3. Ahh, another reason I miss Guillermo. No need to chat. I, personally, like to relax in the chair. If I could take a nap, I would. No soap operas please! Never thought of bringing a book, though. Hmmm...

4. Pick and choose. I never compromise on my leave-in conditioner. Bumble and Bumble or Paul Mitchell only. Hair spray and shampoo I waffle on occasionally. I guess I haven't really found one that I LOVE enough to stay with.

Fun post, as always, Gab!

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