Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Favorite Sons

I know moms don't have favorites. But every mom has a special place in her heart for her baby. My problem...the baby is really only one minute younger than his brother. Also, of my three boys, he is the least babyish. But I still have a special place in my heart for him. Especially lately. He has just become such a darling little person. Full of humor and energy--he is great at climbing and jumping and a real star in the gymnastics class.

My baby is also a linguist.
Here are some handy phrases in Lukespeak:

Cheesebigger--As in, "I want a cheesebigger in my Happy Meal."

Grill--As in, "I want to eat my cheesebigger with a pretty grill, like Emmie."

Nootel--As in, "When we go on vacation, we will stay at the nootel and swim in the pool."

Elegator--As in, "I want to push all the buttons in the elegator at the nootel."

When Luke grows up, I think he will be a lot like this guy. Josh is my little brother, Stie's hubby, and one of my mom's favorite sons. I took this picture last night after Josh called to say he was in town and came to our house for dinner.

Josh is a great conversationalist...we talked all night long about a variety of topics. He is funny and smart. A great dad and husband and fun uncle for my kids.

Like Luke, Josh was once a gymnast. In fact, when I was a teenager and having moments of insecurity, he would always say, "Don't worry, Gab...just tell 'em your brother's a gymnast and you'll be all right." Somehow that never helped me feel better, but I was very proud of him and (although I couldn't admit it at the time...) I always felt better when Josh was around. Especially when I was driving.

But that's another story.

So, here's to a great man who was once a cute little boy...and to a cute boy I hope will grow up to be a great man. Love you guys!

p.s. I just thought of two more Luke-isms:

eatmeal--I'd like a bowl of eatmeal for breakfast.

pokeypine--The pokeypine lives in the woods and has pokers on his back .

Is the kid adorable, or what?!


Dancin Queen said...

I love reading all of you guys talk about each other. You are such a close family. It's beautiful!

Christie said...

Ah, I see he is making his "I-don't-want-my-picture-taken, but I'll oblige you just this once, stare at the ceiling" and smile weirdly" face. It's a classic around here.

He had a great time last night. Thanks for hosting him. At least someone gets to see him this week, right?

Christie said...

Oops, too many "s, and in the wrong place. Oh well.

Bridget said...

I love Christie's description of Josh's facial expression. Said only like a wife can. What a sweet post. There is something about that youngest child to just steal your heart.

Lauren said...

That was such a lovely post (as always):). I love the quotes so much! Ya know, I could really go for a, "cheesebigger", right now :D

Rochelleht said...

That was a totally cute post. I loved it.

Holly said...

Lukespeak is precious! It's so good to document their sayings and pronunciations.

I love that, "Tell them your brother is a gymnast." line. Powerful.

Anonymous said...

I want a cheesebigger too please?

mama jo said...

we all want cheesebiggers...that was very can say the funniest things...

Mique said...

You really have a writing (do I sound like a broken record or what?). I love how you wrote this about your Luke. What a cutey.
And poor Stie has to see her husband via your blog! But at least he was with family, right?

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