Monday, December 3, 2007

You're Invited!

I have to confess...I get a li'l homesick at Christmas time.

Don't get me wrong. I love love love where I live. I have a great immediate family, a beautiful home and lots of wonderful friends.

But it makes me very sad that most of the people who we love best...our parents, siblings, in-laws and 18 nieces & nephews... all live scattered across five states (none within close driving distance) and can't just come over for some holiday cheer.

I can't afford airfare for all of you...and Oprah is not interested in helping this year.

So, I am inviting all of you to a special Gabblog Christmas Party. It's right now. On your computer. Come as you are...

Welcome to #1852! Mother Nature has provided a scenic little dusting in your honor.

Watch your step. Sammy will be your personal escort.

Come on in! Take off your coats. Emmie is offering your choice of hot cider or cocoa to warm you after such a long, cold trip!

Come sit down in the living room. Jake is playing the piano. "Up on the Housetop" Usually, he sounds much better than this. I think he's just nervous that you're here.
Or, join us in the family room where Brad and Luke have lit the fire and turned on the ballgame.
I think his team is losing. Bummer!

The kids are stringing popcorn. Or we can send them down to the dungeon/basement and let 'em play "Cousins Club Survivor" down there. See who can last the longest without crying, hitting or tattling.

The ladies are in the kitchen, dishin' up the latest gossip and all their favorite holiday recipes. You all have food assignments, of course: Ryan is deep-frying a turkey, Nana is making her fabulous stuffing and tea ring, Cami's got the homemade salsa, Pete & Anna are bringing something without hydrogenated oil and Heidi is baking everyone little miniature gingerbread houses. Everyone else, please bring your latest and greatest goodies. Don't hold back!

I made Santa's favorite Chocolate Crinkle Cookies...

And, for Christie, who has a great amount of self-contol, there is fruit for dessert!

The kids will take 10 minutes each to fill their plates and 3 minutes to eat. Then we'll send 'em in to watch "The Grinch" while the grown-ups dig in. There will be a lot of teasing (Josh & Micah), a bit of philosophizing (Oma), plenty of sound effects (Brad & Scott L.), some kid-chasin' (Alicia & Jac) and, if we're lucky...a little Neil Diamond by Uncle Dan.

Candice & Jean will probably offer to clean they can discuss running and avoid the family sing-along. Amy & Scott R. will play Christmas carols on the piano while all of the "singers" in the family try to harmonize.

Then, we'll gather all the kidlets together...They won't want to come in, but we'll promise them a present if they're good.

We'll all gather around the Nativity.

(Yes... if you're wondering...that is Mom's hand-carved European heirlooom set. And, yes, it is mine now. Yes...she does love me best. We always discuss it when we're alone. But it doesn't matter now, because it's Christmas...)

Then Papa will read Luke 2 and we'll all sing "Silent Night" and for a few magic moments the children will be still and we'll all soak in the true spirit of the season.

Then...let the freaking begin!

Marta is in charge of the gift-exchange. (She has also made everyone hand-made journals for a little Christmas favor.) The kids will probably start whining and fighting for each other's presents and inevitably one child will toss up his Christmas cookies. And everyone will be ready to go. (Except for Opa...who left an hour ago.)

Don't worry about the clean-up...just gather up all your goodies. Be sure not to leave anything (especially your children)! Get your coats and your dishes.

Watch your step. Thanks for coming! Drive safe! Love you.

Come again, soon!


Rochelleht said...

That was the funnest party, ever! Thanks for the invite. I'm in my pj's with an ear infection, so I couldn't come in real life even if I wanted to. This was perfect!

Your house is BEYOND gorgeous!! It is the perfect Christmas house. I love it.

Celia Fae said...

I'll come, but please don't stick me in the kitchen with the runners doing clean up. I couldn't handle it. I do want one of Marta's journals though. And I think my kids could be in the running for CCSurvivor.

I fit into your family just fine.

marta said...

gab, this makes me want to cry! i am dreaming of being together for christmas! and look how lovely your home is.. i LOVE the new lemon butter paint and spindles. nice work. you are such an amazing hostess. missing you..


Jessica said...

I loved that and I don't even know all the inside jokes.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

It felt like I was really there. It's so homey in your house. I think I'm in love with it. Can we trade? I'll let you keep your family. But leave the cookies. Oh, and could you post the recipe for those? They look delish!

Denae said...

So fun. Thank you! And next time I'm at a party I'm going to try the cousin survivor camp... sounds so great to me. Love your house and decor!

Paige said...

I want to come! Your house looks amazing and stie should enjoy those oranges. Cousin survivor is a game played by all but definitely a name coined by you! We're all stealing it.

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

We're coming and we'll even bring everyone presents.

Can I have cider AND hot chocolate?

lainakay said...

Oh, so jealous that you've already put up all your Christmas decorations! Your home is LOVELY!

Love the "Cousin Club Survivor!" We play that at every holiday with 14 or so cousins at each grandparent's house!

I'll bring some Corn Pudding and Swedish Apple Pie. I'd love to hang out for some gossip in the kitchen! And I've never tried a deep-fried turkey but have always wanted to. Sounds yummy!

I'll have an orange with Stie but then I'd have to have some pie, too! And journals from Marta! Lovely! Love, love, love Neil Diamond... yeah Uncle Dan!

Your Nativity set is GORGEOUS. You must be the favorite to inherit such a beauty!

Thanks for the invite!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Don't even be pretending that I won't be eating half that plate of cookies. I've already gone over to the dark side, hee hee. I didn't last a week! How's January, everyone?

And I, too, am jealous of your fake party. I wish we lived closer. You guys are the best!

Bridget said...

I would love to come, why thank you. I am babysitting four other small children today in addition to my own so it may take us a while with potty stops and all.

And your house is beautiful! Love the traditional eastern exterior.

martha corinna said...

This is a beautiful party. Your words remind me of my youth, we were so far away from any family.
And you have a beautiful home.
I sometimes complain about being overloaded with family (my parents live a block from my mother in-law) but this reminded me of the blessings I enjoy. Thank you.

Amanda said...

What a fun post. Thanks for sharing. Want to adopt me into your family?

Lisa-Marie said...

I'd LOVE to come. Can I wear my jammies? I want to snuggle into that gorgeous red couch. It looks so comfy and divine. I am in love with the warm color of your walls.

the hogan's said...

your home is gorgeous gab. sad that you missed the bagley family party last night, but the party at your house looks like so much fun! and i agree, post the recipe for those yummy cookies.

i'm kelly said...

that was fun! i can't wait to come again. your house is darling & you are such a good hostess! thanks for the invite!

Marty said...

This party was so fun!!! I could even imagine all the kid type sound effects, along with the fire crackling and the TV in the background. Jake is getting so good on the piano!

I loved how we all did our assignments so well. Last night Scott said he hadn't even noticed when Opa left. It's part of his magic to play with the babies, clap for the program, and sneak out a little early with no fan-fare.

I saw Heidi's gingerbread house today, and she could lead the demonstration. Pete has an awesome play the guitar video game where you become a rock star that might get things humming, too.

My question is why are there no animals left in the nativity. I think Peaches feasted on several legs of lamb so they may have died during the winter or something. Give those cubbers a knifee and slab of wood and have them start carving away.

Well, I have jet lag and am fading. I'll go climb in with Nana and catch up on our nap.. Thanks for inviting me!!!

mama jo said...

having missed way too many family christmases i understand perfectly how you what a great idea to have this cute party...thanks..

Heidi Ballou said...

You're house looks so festive and fun. I so wish to morph myself there and make you guys some cocoa. We will come there for Christmas one year... for sure!
Tis the season!
Love Heed

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