Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Lists

I feel like I have been hit by a train. The Polar Express, to be exact.
I will not even attempt to document everything that has happened during the past few days. I choose instead to make a few lists, then hop off the Christmas train and buy my ticket for 2008. Here goes...
Things that made me feel all warm & Christmas-y two days ago...
but now make me feel slightly nauseous:
  • eggnog
  • fudge
  • Celine Dion Christmas album
  • giftwrap, tags, boxes, bows
  • ham
  • children laughing, people passing
  • laundry
  • Christmas trees & decor
(Ok...the laundry and Celine always make me a little nauseous...but I liked my tree until yesterday!)

List #2
Gifts that made me smile:

  • my blogswap package from Heidiram...I LOVE cinnamon bears!
  • books
  • perfume
  • giftcards
  • household gadgets
  • The Ultimate Gift--my own laptop!!! (aka: the gabtop)

List #3
Gifts soon to be "lost"
  • remote control noisy train
  • electronic whoopie cushion (aka: the "stinky 'chine")
  • Mexican train game noisemaker
  • toy harmonicas

List #4
Wii are Family--Our Onscreen Alter-egos
  • Jakii
  • Emii
  • Sammii
  • Lukii
  • Mommii
  • Daddii

List #5
People Who Needed Christmas Naps

All women and children under age four

List #6
People Who Actually Took Christmas Naps

Santa Junior
and Santa Senior
Ho Ho Ho


Megan said...

Very Creative and fun post to read. I can relate 100%.

Jill said...

Ha! I love it.
I totally got a nap Christmas day. It was fabulous. I'm taking down the tree right was fun while it lasted but getting it down is a breath of fresh air!

Lisa-Marie said...

A Ho Ho Ho and a great big HA HA HA!!! You make me laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is great! I love reading your blogs. my husband is the only one you would find sleeping randomly about the house also...

Jessica said...

Best Christmas post out there. I can't figure out how to do mine...too overwhelmed. I will just send people your way...oh, wait I just did.

Blogging is SO much easier (which is good and bad) on a laptop!

Celia Fae said...

Can you see how green I am? I NEED a laptop. My husband says I have trouble discerning wants from needs but I do. I NEED one. Let me know how it is. Rub it in a little.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I want a laptop BAD. Oh and I love cinnimon (is that spelled wrong? It's early) bears too. My favorite pic is your son plugging his ears. SOOO FUNNY!
I have loud toys I wish I wouldn't have bought too.

lainakay said...

Celine and laundry... always yuck!

The Husband always gets a nap, even though I'm the one who hasn't had more than two hours of sleep each night for a week!

Noisy toys... not allowed around here! Not since Grandma and Grandpa gave The Boy a musical train without volume control for one of his first Christmas'. Yikes!

Tried my nephew's Wii last night. I may have to put it on our list for next year!

Lists... what a great idea for documenting the chaos that is Christmas! Glad yours was happy... here's to a peaceful New Year!

Annie said...

A wholehearted "yes, me too" here. What a great post. Have fun taking down the tree. I do love the January simplicity after the lushness of Christmas. Happy new year!

Marty said...

There were always several toys that Santa came back for on Christmas night. The Tuneyville Choo-Choo, the Snoopy Snow Cone "Sheen," the Easy Bake Oven are just a few items that disappeared. All part of the magic of Christmas!

Caroline said...

sounds like my Christmas. I still don't know how a certain someone manages to get naps every holiday and weekend when I clearly am the person that earns them...

Laurie said...

Just found your blog through Crystal's and since I love lists of all kinds I was most impressed with this post! Great wrap-up.

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