Friday, October 26, 2007

Let's Do Lunch

I am wishing we could all just meet up for Mexican today at noon. My mom, my sistas, inlaws, cousins, aunts, friends and all you super-cyber-blog-buddies out there! We are all so witty and pretty and fun on our you think we could actually be friends for real? Would we really get along? What would we discuss? Would we even recognize each other?

You might not recognize me because I'm a lot taller on my blog. In real life, I am short...not petite, tiny and adorable like Kelly Ripa (who I saw on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ once....she has the body of a nine-year-old boy). I am just short. A regular body on stumpy legs. This makes clothes shopping difficult. Grocery shopping, too. (Just last week, I had to hoist my youngest up onto my shoulders to reach the stainless steel wipes on the tippy top shelf in the cleaning aisle!)

I would probably be wearing my favorite jeans, long-sleeved Old Navy tee, and a hoodie or corduroy jacket...depending on my mood and water-retention level. I have hoodies and corduroy jackets in almost every color. I think they are flattering for us buxom types. Currently, the red one is my favorite. I wear a lot of red.

Since the weather is getting chilly, I'd probably put on my favorite brown cowboy boots, which--although scuffed--add almost a full inch to my stature. You might notice I'm not much of a jewelry person...maybe silver hoops, the heirloom diamond from my husband's grandmother on a chain around my neck, my anniversary band & mother's ring on my left hand, and a silver Citizen watch. And, if you think I smell good, chances are it's Ysatis. My signature scent since high school. I wear it to feel young, I guess.

Being the great friends you are, you would not comment upon the huge, unsightly blemish blazing proudly on my chin. Instead, you'd compliment me on my French manicure. Thank you. Yes, they are my own nails and I did them myself in bed last night. Once I stopped biting them, I realized I'd inherited my mother's super-strong claws, and now I take great pride in hand grooming. Maybe I'll be a model, ala George Costanza, someday.

You would notice I play with my hair a lot and kind of glance around during conversations. I don't mean to. These are just nervous habits and, although I think I'm pretty self-confident, deep down I'm sort of shy and might be just a bit overwhelmed by such a dynamic crowd of ladies.

You might need to remind me to slow down on the chips and salsa, too.

I would definitely order shrimp fajitas with double beans, no rice. Something diet to drink. And I would let you have my guacamole.

I'd probably ask you lots of questions, because I like to listen. But if you got me started on books, music, movies or my children, I could talk your ear off. I have also been known to give my share of opinions and advice...solicited or otherwise.

You guys would need to figure out the bill and tip and all that good stuff, because I am not too hot at math. But I would give you all a great big hug and we'd have a hearty laugh and promise to get together again soon.

Darn, it's already past noon. Oh well. Dinner, anyone?

p.s. Please RSVP and let me know what you'd be wearing and ordering and discussing...see you there!


Kelly said...

you know i'm there! and although i'll have planned on wearing some chic outfit, i'll probably be wearing jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops. more than likely i'll be wearing a hat, not necessarily a baseball hat, probably something a bit more fashionable. i too will probably order fajitas, but probably chicken ones, with lots of sour cream. (i love the stuff. we never had it growing up, so now that i've discovered it, it's a fav.) can't wait to meet up. i often wonder if people who read my blog would actually like me in real life too.

Dancin Queen said...

Oh yes, I would most definitely be there. I'll be the one wearing jeans and a T-shirt with some kind of girl power slogan (I have a million of them. I was having a bad self-esteem day once and bought one that said "I'm too pretty to think" and "2 cute 2 be 4 gotten" and my husband laughed at me, so now I make it a point to buy all the girl power tees I can find.) But I'll definitely have sparkly earrings on, no matter how casual the dress. This girl's got to have her bling.

And I won't comment on the blemish on your chin if you won't comment on the even bigger blemish on my chin.

I'm not sure what I'll order to eat, but I guarantee I'll order dessert!

Dancin Queen said...

And I know I'll like you. I pretty much like everyone! But I'd be scared if you'd like me or not, because I'm kind of insecure that way.

Karen (aka jake n isabel's mom) said...

Since I have had the pleasure of sharing a meal/snack/dinner with you on many occasions, I can safely say that you are precisely correct on all of your descriptions. And now you've made me hungry for chips, salsa and a ice cold (regular) Coke! Yum! Oh, And I'd probably be wearing my favorite jeans with the forgiving spandex in them (to accomodate the aforementioned snacks), something dark colored on top (to minimize bulges), shoe boots and a snazzy costume jewelry necklace. I would wonder if my hair looked ok (as I am more than slightly obsessed with my 'do) but I would enjoy the fabulous company just the same!

Marty said...

I'd love to come. I would be wearing black pants, a black and white checked blouse, and silver and black danglies. I'd have a bracelet with typewriter letters, a silver watch and puzzle ring wedding band, and black ankle boots. I actually just went to lunch and this is what I wore.

I'd order a cheese enchilada and a chicken taco, a coke, and skip dessert. Mexican places are one of the few places I don't get dessert. Usually I have that picked out before my entry.

I'd feel intimidated to be there in the young hip mommy crowd, and would vow to be quiet and let everybody talk. Before long I'd find myself regaling anyone polite enough to listen with stories I will regret telling as I drive home after lunch.

I'd hope I was at the same table as my own kids, and let the strangers get to know each other. I'd also hope all the husbands had said they'd tend all afternoon, and even put the kids to bed, so nobody has to rush off, and we could just talk for hours and hours.

It sounds SO SO fun!!!

Rochelleht said...

Oh, Gab! I am so there!

I totally know what you mean. I have actually found myself dreaming of my bloggy friends. You and Celia and Martha were in a dream the other night. Weird.

I am going to order a burrito of some kind or quesadillas. I am not an enchilada fan. I always get dessert. I won't be hard to spot. The hair usually gives me away. I'll be in jeans and boots and some cute top. I always have a necklace, and at least 2-4 bracelets on. I'm Texas flashy that way.

And speaking of great blog friends... THANKS so much for the good mail!!! How lucky am I? And even though we don't 'know' eachother, you know me SO well!! You cute girl! I LOVE those cards. I can't wait to write in them.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I have had occasion to enjoy your company and love you to pieces. You ALWAYS make me laugh.

I would show up exactly on-time or most likely early. I would nervously play on my cell phone, looking busy and important, until someone else arrived. I would be wearing my favorite boyfriend-cut gap jeans (I would sleep in these suckers) and a fitted black top (because my top half is way thinner than the bottom and I like to accentuate the positive). I would have on a black necklace, simple earrings, and red shoes if I'm feeling saucy. Although I probably would have changed my mind on the top and shoes like three times.

I'd get a diet coke right away, and order a big chicken taco salad, but would secretly pine away for the chicken chimichanga. I would want to get dessert, but would not be brave enough to unless I knew others wanted it first. I would tell way too many stories about my husband and kids, and then rehash them in my head on the way home, criticizing myself.

I'd never notice your blemish and would be jealous of your blazer and jewelery. But in a nice way. I'd be thinking in my head the whole time about how much I wanted to do this again and again, because I love to go out with the girls. Whoever the girls happen to be.

I'd absentmindedly finger my silverware as we chatted at the table for a long time after dinner. I'd definitely be one of the last ones to leave.

I love this idea. So much fun. We SHOULD all get together. Have our own blogher conference of sorts.

Jessica said...

How fun!

I'd wear whatever was "in line" that day. (I have kind of an order so I don't have to think and cause I like to follow rules) But I might break the order, as I would try to impress you with my cute clothes, if it wasn't stylish enough. My current favorite is my new red and white striped boatneck long sleeve T-shirt and jeans. Hopefully it will be it's turn that day.

I would order fajitas, as well, as they are almost always good and water to drink (because I don't like cola, and I refuse to drink my calories--unless they had diet lemonade). And I would make stie get a dessert with me.

And I would have to try my hardest to not monopolize the conversation, because I have a bad habit of doing that.

Are you coming to the West soon or what?

Bridget said...

I love this idea! I would so be there. I would love, love to one day meet you Gab.

I like Stie would be there early because I would be so excited. I would probably have to go to the bathroom too while waiting for everyone to show up because when I get excited and anxious I have to go. Guess I'm like a dog that way. I LOVE Mexican food but when I'm out on a girls' night I could care less what the food is. I am talking most of the time anyway. I'm usually talking so much that when the waiter comes around I haven't really read the menu yet so I just order whatever the person next to me is getting. I drink LOTS of water. I like water but its also a nervous habit. I play with my hair too. Way too much. Which is bad when my hair is curly because then it gets poofy and frizzy. I would not notice your blemish but would be thinking, "wow cute red corduory jacket." I'd probably be wearing my latest pair of Eddie Bauer jeans, a long sleeve shirt or 3/4 sleeve sweater, and a necklace. I love to listen too and am good at reading others' non-verbal cues. Getting late, you carpooled with someone? I can tell if you are wanting to go home. Someone else is feeling insecure or left out I try to pick up on those cues too and shift the conversation their way. And the conversation? Well we would talk about everything we do in blogville of course! How to discipline your kids, how great our husbands are, the frustrations/joys/mishaps and adventures of motherhood,etc, etc. I would go home so wound up from the fun I won't be able to fall asleep for at least an hour. Let me know the time and place and I'll be there!!

Paige said...

Oh yes, I'm short too but agree that Kelly Ripa is too skinny (and trampy in real life, I've met her). I'll be wearing my expensive jeans that I swear by (hemmed at Nordies), high heels and a cute shirt, and too much jewelry. I don't get out much so when I do I rock it. Otherwise I'm in my workout "outfit," sweaty and stinky. You can have my rice and beans, I'll take the guac!

All I need is an audience, so if you are shy, I am there. But then I might forget to let you get a word in edgewise, and I'll think I'm being hilarious, and then on the drive home I'll have verbal diarrhea regret.

mama jo said...

sounds like a great time...actually sort of like lunch last saturday after the boutique...i would be there in jeans most likely...if it's cool i would wear this cute black and white jacket i bought...and lots of jewelry...i'll eat your guac...kelly can have my sour cream...i don't like it,that's why we never had it at home

Celia Fae said...

Okay, first of all, Paige and I can't sit by each other because we both talk too much. But then again, we could play off of each other which would be fun but then we couldn't let our sensitive underbellies show. I want to sit by you, Gab. Or maybe we could play musical seats because I want to talk to everyone.

I don't know what I am wearing because I have yet to purchase it. Going out with my blog friends would require a new outfit. I WOULD be wearing comfy shoes, an ugly black plastic watch and some earrings. I might wear my fake huge pretend engagement ring, but then I would tell everyone it was fake. No perfume and I would blow my hair out for the occasion.

I would order fish tacos and eat them all, even the rice and beans because I am nervous. I would swill Diet Coke because I would be tired from the lack of napping I had to do to get to Pennsylvania.

Please, everyone around me talk and drown me out so that I don't get excited and have verbal diarrhea. I might bring a secret list of things to talk about because I have so many.

Lunch just isn't going to do it for me. I'm going to require a weekend. Fantasy now, reality someday.

Lisa-Marie said...

It's way past dinner time now, so can we do breakfast instead?

I will tell you what I would order first cause food is more important to me than clothes. i would order an all meat omlette. That would make my hubby proud and my tummy happy. It must have hasbrowns on the side and sourdough toast with grape jelly. I like to end with something sweet. I'll just order water cause that's my favorite. Maybe a hot chocolate if it's REALLY cold. I will eat ALL of my meal. Though, I'll be embarrassed that I did.

I will be wearing my nice jeans (I only have two pair. Check out my post hopefully tomorrow to explain.) and a long sleeved deep red perfect-T. Underneath I will have a brown tank for the layered look. I will wear brown dangly earrings. I love earrings. I think they are fun with my short hair. Brown shoes and white socks. I know...white socks. Sorry. So tacky!

I will talk way to loud because I always do. Especially when I am nervous. I too will be early cause I hate to be late. I will wait in my car until I see someone I recognize and then act like I just arrived!

I can not wait!

Annie said...

Is there still enough room at the table? Maybe we should ask the staff to pull up another one...

I would be there early, too. I might wait in the car listening to the end of the story on NPR or, if I see Stie and Bridget there early, I'll come in and order my diet Coke, too.

I'll be wearing my black fitted shirt and jeans with black boots, dangly earrings, and short black trench (it's raining here today). This is one of my going-out uniforms and will bring me comfort when meeting new people.

I'll sit and listen for a bit and then join in with gusto (I'm kind of a weird mix of shy and outgoing). I'll order the chicken enchilada with guacamole (or I'll take yours, Gab). I'll say "yes" when the waiter asks if I want a refilled diet coke. After we're all talked out, I'll suggest we go catch a movie, one that our husbands wouldn't be caught dead seeing.

RSVP--definitely yes!

Amanda said...

I would love to meet your for Mexican food. Can Bridget and Stie come? I would come in my best jeans (almost worn out and holes threatening to pop through) and a sweater and tennis shoes. My sister would tell me to change my shoes but I am all about comfort. I would actually do my hair if I had some where to go, so it would be down in all of its curly glory. I might dab a little makeup on but not much if any. I would have no jewelery on except my watch (I lost my wedding ring), and I would have my red purse. I would order cheese enchiladas with all rice, no beans, and a water to drink.

Man, now I am craving cheesy enchiladas. Loved this post. Such fun to think about.

Darilyn said...

All right, I'm in too and I don't even know any of you (except for Bridget). But that in itself tells you a bit about me. I love to meet new people even though I wonder, will you like me? will you judge me because I'm overweight? Once you talk to me you will probably like me. I will be wearing a new black and white plaid jacket with a pair of dark jeans with flare legs. Some heels too. Definitely earrings. Something funky looking. I will order a diet coke with a slice of lime and whatever I order has to have beans, rice and guacamole with it. I would have to sit by Bridget because I would be most comfortable that way. But when I went home at the end of the night I know I would consider myself blessed for knowing so many more cool people.

Nimmy said...

I'll be there with my virgin daquari in hand! I'd enter the room with dark, straight-legged jeans that shows off my best ass-et. I always know what pants to wear, but I'll change my shirt so many times that I'll be sweating before I leave the house (sounds a little like Oma). I'll end up wearing a low cut knit top with great costume jewelry to match. Praying that it will be a cool day, I'll pick out of my collection of tailored jackets (Stacey and Clinton would call me "locked and loaded".

One of the main reasons for going out anywhere is to dress the part. After I was confident in what I was wearing I would enjoy the company of so many fun women.

Most likely I would talk to the people sitting by me and then relax as I listened to all the fun things you all have to say. I'd interject when necessary, but I'm happiest listening.

During the luncheon I would be wishing some one on one with my sis, Gabi, who I don't get to talk to as much as I'd like. Love you, Sista!

gab said...

Ladies, Thank you so much for coming! I love my virtual lunch with you's almost better than the real thing, because I can come back whenever I want!! Let's do it again soon...

Polly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Polly said...

Sorry it's early and I have to write my comment again. I wish I had been had the lunch. If I had I would have ordered 2 cheese enchiladas and a diet coke. If I wasnt' puffy that day I would wear kind of tight straight legged jeans with black high healed boots. We short girls have to find ways to look long legged. I'd wear a colorful tee shirt with a jacket over..Probably silver jewelry since we're doing Mexican. I wish we could do this in person. we could talk and laugh and laugh all day long!

Polly said...

After deleting one blog and writing another with about half the words mispelled it's probably good I didn't make the lunch..maybe next time, I'll be more together.

lainakay said...

Oh! I missed the lunch? So typical of my life lately.

Well, if I had been there I would have been thrilled. I haven't been to a girls lunch for too long and wow, this post made me realize how much I miss those.

Mexican food... yay! Definitely one of my favorites. Cheese and sour cream, who can resist? I'd get the chimichanga because I would have convinced myself on the way that I deserved it and I'll eat better tomorrow! Lemonade or a virgin strawberry daiquiri for me, please! No dessert... never have room after mexican food and yes, I'd have finished the whole chimichanga!

I'd be wearing a blazer with a v-neck top underneath because I am a Stacy and Clinton disciple and this is my uniform. No need to "lock and load" though... sigh... I wish! Dark denim trousers and high-heel boots (I'm 5'2" and live in heels to lengthen my legs and minimize my hips). I'd be wearing a fun necklace (addicted to these lately), little silver stud earrings, my silver toggle bracelet, and my chunky silver ring on my right hand.

I wouldn't notice your blemish because I'd be too worried about you noticing my recent chin breakout. I'd be jealous of your french manicure, I used to keep my nails beautifully but now I couldn't tell you the last time that they were painted, it's been so long. I'd smell like RL Blue or Origins Ginger Essence, depending on my mood or the color of the blazer (weird that way).

I have lots of nervous conversation habits depending on how comfortable I am. Unfortunately, if I'm very comfortable I spew verbal diarrhea and will regret it for days, possibly weeks. If I'm not very comfortable I'll just observe and listen and not get involved which I will also regret. I'd aim for a happy medium... a comfortable balance of conversation and lots of laughs.

Wow, how long is this comment? See, verbal diarrhea... guess I'm pretty comfortable here at home talking about it. It would be so fun to do for real!

Mique said...

I love this post (maybe I'll do one soon on my blog) here is my rsvp-
OF COURSE- I would LOVE to meet you for Mexican food. My very favorite type of food. I would order a bean and cheese burrito and rolled tacos- I am very predictable and rarely order anything new. I would also get a Dr. Pepper, my favorite. And secretly hope nobody would judge me for splurging on caffeine.
Since it would be a first time meeting face to face, I would probably take the time to actually blow dry my hair, do my face (including lip gloss- only the best for my blogging bud). I would wear probably a cute top that I just got with AE jeans that I feel I look ok in. And some cute shoes that I got at Target or Payless (love shoes but not pricey ones). The only jewelry (since I my oldest loves strings, I limit jewelry) would be my wedding ring, a necklace that has my kids names on it (it's my fave- a circle one, super cute) and the new rings my mom got me for my bday- 3 rings with my kids names on each ring entertwined- LOVE it!
I would for sure be on time or early. I HATE being late.
I would talk a lot and fast- probably smile way too much...those are my nervous things.
And no doubt I would love you...
I would just hope the love would be reciprocated (and would probably worry about it).

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