Friday, September 7, 2007

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things...

I can't resist:
1. Little Golden Books by Eloise Wilkins
2. Red shoes & boots
3. Black licorice or red licorice or Milk Duds
4. Black-painted furniture with red&white checked cushions
5. Souvenir Christmas ornaments from meaningful places
6. Blue & white dishes
7. Pretty stationery
8. Big, fat novels set in war-torn Europe
9. Striped grosgrain ribbon
10. Old family photos in big silver frames.
What are your favorites?


Bridget said...

LOVE #10. I actually have quite a few of those myself. One of my favs is my great grandpa in 1910 standing by a Model T. Also love 1,7 and 9. I would add a freshly scrubbed kitchen sink, crisp cool spring or fall mornings, and a good book + fireplace in winter.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I, too, love anything Eloise Wilkins. Something about her just reminds me of being a little girl. I'll have to think of a few of my own favorites...

Marty: said...

I love all ten of your picks. I also love blue and white checks with yellow, daffodils, little books about anything, old fashioned pictures of kids, old pillowcases.

Rochelleht said...

I'd like to say something romatic and cool but truth be told the only thing I really want every day (other than reading my scriptures ;-)...)


Diet Dr. Pepper from the fountain.

It's a sad truth.

Annie said...

Love them all. And, oh, the faces of those beautiful Elkins babies!

Let's see...movies with popcorn and a diet Coke, free time browsing around a library or book store, fine-tipped Marvy pens, sleeping in a little, and Sunday naps. (Okay, two of mine are about sleep!)

Mique said...

Fun top faves include- the color red, Dr. Pepper, good hole-in-the-wall Mexican food (hey I did grow up in San Diego ;), Twix bars or Take 5 candy bars (even though I don't really like chocolate), good homecooked meals, freshly bathed kids...sheesh i could go on and on.

Kelly said...

anything red, nancy drew, a big cherry coke with crushed ice, a nice massage, laying out by the pool, a nap in the middle of the day, violet crumble candy bars, a clean house.

jake & isabel's mom said...

After reading the other comments, I have to agree with many of them:
Ice cold Coca-Cola from the fountain in the authentic red cups, daytime naps, Little Bear cartoons, new lipstick, cool fall days, 1st night sleeping on freshly washed sheets and the smell of Dial soap on my family after bathing. :)

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