Thursday, August 16, 2007

True Lies

I loved this idea from Christie. Write two versions of your life for your alumni newsletter: which one do you think rings true?


After graduation, Gab set out to make the world a better place. She started by teaching youngsters to read and write and supported her new husband in his budding career. The newlyweds enjoyed an 8 year honeymoon--seeing the world and investing in real estate. Spreading their wings and landing in a new home back East, the happy lovebirds feathered their luxurious nest and soon welcomed four baby birdies into their world.

Almost 9 years later, the little nest has become a buzzing hive as the four busy bees have developed talents and interests of their own! Soccer, swimteam, gymnastics, piano, Cubscouts, horseback riding, dance classes, and church activities provide opportunities for fun and friendship.

Gab uses her education background to provide wholesome, homemade memories for her family. She enjoys preparing healthy meals, attending parent-teacher conferences and receiving long-distance phone calls from her husband.


After graduation, Gab took the first teaching job she could get. Her co-teacher hated all young professionals--especially those who wore makeup/were married and/or did not know every single line of "The Hobbit" by heart. Gab cried almost every day, until she was transferred to a different school.

When she was not crying about her job, Gab was crying at her fertility...or lack thereof. She spent most of her free time, money and husband's patience obsessing about dye-tests, basal body temperatures and the unfairness of the universe.

Many years, dollars and intra-muscular injections later, Gab did indeed become mother to four amazing kids. The fact that each child is a miracle has been quite helpful in keeping them each alive as they have: barbered their own hair, ruined 3 car stereos, broken family heirlooms and flushed semi-precious jewelry down the toilet.

Gab has come to grips with the reality that she will never: wear a size 2, finish her children's scrapbooks, be happy with her husband's travel schedule, have all three levels of the house clean at once, or enjoy stitchery.

This year, Gab's greatest accomplishments have been starting a blog and potty-training her three-year-old twins! (Well, one twin anyway...)


Marty: said...

The whole truth is much more interesting and fun to hear about. You're keepin' it real!

Kelly said...

love it! this was a great read.

Nimmy said...

You're awesome. I love hearing the real side of your life, since most of the time I think you are picture perfect in all you do.

Love you!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Yay! I'm so glad you played along. Yours was great - you have the uncanny knack of making situations sound funny and charming - even they were not so for you. You penned it all so well - LOVED IT!

marta said...

gabi, you are so clever. what a life you lead. you should write the next ZIPPY type book!

i laughed at the broken stereos. i love seeing those twins try to aim their pennies into the CD slot.

and ps. i'm glad you don't have the whole Hobbit memorized. i think it's good to have a job that you hate and cry at as to always remember, 'i'm so glad i'm not there anymore.' some people are stuck at jobs like that for a lifetime! now you have a lifetime of fun for a full time job!

lainakay said...

What a fun read! You really do have a knack for telling a story!

Hope you don't mind if I tag you for another one!

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, that had me laughing out loud! SO FUNNY!!!

Ha ha ha... The Hobbit...

Shaka said...

fun story! i love reading these.

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