Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Courtship of a Bookworm

So, Miss Sophomore really did not like Mr. Smooth. He was her anti-type-- with his sports, cars and Barbie lookalikes. He was Van Halen, she was Manilow. She went to the library to check out the books. He went to the library to check out the babes.

Besides, he was just too arrogant--a big know-it-all and completely over-confident.

But, he did have a very cute smile.

And, was it just her imagination, or had their eyes really caught and lingered meaningfully a few times over the Pictionary board? Did he really laugh at all her quirky jokes? She knew he enjoyed her baking...but was it possible that he liked what was behind the apron as much as what was in the cookie jar?

The first date was an accident. Thanksgiving weekend, everyone was meeting for movies and dessert. Permgirl and Smooth turned out to be the only ones left in town. Good thing, too, because they were about to see the most romantic love-story of all time. The perfect date movie to start any relationship.

Yep. You guessed it..."Look Who's Talkin' : Part One."

They laughed. And talked. And laughed and talked. For such polar opposites, they really did have a lot in common.

And maybe someone could be a know-it-all without reading every book in the library. Maybe just growing up all over the country, living in South America, working summers on a farm, and having all kinds of after-school work experience offered its own education and a very attractive self-confidence.
Maybe there was more to Mr. Smooth than just, um, smoothness.
And, by the way, wow! Where the heck did he learn to kiss like that?!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Permgirl! How dare you fall prey to Mr. Smooth and kiss on your first date! I am shocked, I tell you!

Rochelleht said...

WOW! Sounds like that accidental date moved pretty fast!

He IS Mr. Smooth.

gab said...

no...we did not kiss on our first date...but i didn't want to bore you with all the intermediate details...

Mique said...

I would've fallen for Mr. Smooth too (in fact I did fall for my very own Mr. Smooth :)
Is your anniversary 8-22 as well? I read your comment on my blog...good day to get married indeed.
Happy (belated) Anniversary!!

Marty: said...

No wonder you fell in love...Brad has the cutest laugh and you make the best cookies!

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