Sunday, August 26, 2007


The engagement: long & long-distance
The day: a beautiful Wednesday in August
The dress: oh-so-1990 Jessica McClintock
The perm: extra fluffy for the ceremony, then in an updo for the reception
The groom: nervous and wearing a white tux
The wedding: Salt Lake Temple...perfect!
The reception: Grandma's lovely backyard
The bridesmaids: wore floral wreaths in their hair and Battenburg lace place mats as collars (what?!)
The groomsmen: sang in 3 part harmony and flirted with the serving girls
The mother-of-the-bride: almost trampled to death on her way to watch the cake-cutting
The honeymoon: local, humorous and very romantic
What a great way to start living happily ever after!
**Photos to come...having technical difficulties**


Rochelleht said...

I have to tell you, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. So fun! Can't wait to see pictures.

I have lunch with Cheryl today! We'll be sure to talk about you. Tee hee!

lainakay said...

Me, too! Loved the story... looking forward to the pictures!

Marty: said...

I remember how perfect it all was...except for the trippy episode!

Mique said...

Pictures please! LOVED reading the whole story. You are the best writer (gee have I mentioned that before)? I think you should tell the rest of your adventures (about your kids and the years before the kids, etc, et).....

Shaka said...

congratulations on 17 years!! your story was really fun to read!

just on the side, i did early childhood ed. while there(had to raise those fruit flies) and worked at a preschool-i think it was called the training junction-(if i remember right). where did you work?

marta said...

i am laughing my head off. even then i was bit iffy about those lacy mat collars.. they were all shifty. the least we could do was pin them to those adorable dresses. ps. i loved your little centerpiece dolls and matching dresses. how cute were you!?!!

hope all is well with the coycxxxx.

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