Friday, July 13, 2007

Anatomy of a Swim Meet

If you are sick of seeing photos of my kids at the pool...I'm sorry. This is our home away from home this summer. Sunscreen is my beauty cream and chlorine is my perfume. Practice is every morning...9:30 til noon. Then, the meets are two or three nights a week and last about 4 hours! Here is a glimpse of last night's home meet....
This was Em's first "real" meet...she competed in 25m freestyle and backstroke.
Jake in the 8-and-under boys' "mousehouse"...the place where the swimmers hang out waiting for their events. There is lots of waiting they bring Legos, boardgames and lots of snacks! Note the black marker on his arm...each kids' events are listed so they know which event, lane and stroke to line up for!
Since it was her first meet, Em's swim team "big buddy" brought her a goodie bag to wish her luck. She was thrilled!
Who knew swimming was such a dangerous sport?
Jake sporting a bruised cheek and black eye...that's what happens when you and your friends are climbing on stacks of pool chairs during practice. WHOOPS!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I think swim team sounds awesome - I'll bet your kids are so good! And poor Jake's sad looking. I think your family has had enough bumps/brusies/breaks for a while.

anna jo said...

I think it's so great that your kids are into swimming at such an early age. it will serve them well. swimming, in my opinion, is the best workout ever. should we be watching for them in future summer olympics???

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