Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Twinkies!

Wow! I can't believe that the boys are three...I always told myself during those dark newborn nights that if I could just make it the first three years with twins, the rest would be a breeze. Of course, I didn't realize that at the end of the three years, I would have two three-year-olds...not exactly a relaxing situation...but at least I have survived this leg of the marathon. Who knows what twists and turns lie ahead?

We celebrated with a family party, chocolate cake and presents. The twinks loved their new clothes from Nana and Papa, sand toys from Oma and Opa, books, t-shirts, blocks and beads. Some of the partygoers were happier than others. Some guests were high on Vicodin and the rest of us wish we were too.

Just for fun...see if you can "guess the twin"...
  1. ...who is completely potty trained (including nighttime!)
  2. ...who can do seat-drops and mini-flips on the trampoline
  3. ...who hates to touch anything wet or dirty
  4. ...who enjoys tattling on the other kids
  5. ...who loves broccoli
  6. ...who makes snoring noises during the prayer
  7. ...who is left-handed
  8. ...who loves instant oatmeal (uncooked)
  9. ...who says "I not in trouble...I happy!"
  10. ...who loves getting haircuts and dental check-ups

***1-5=Lukey 6-10=Sambo


Marty: said...

Happy Birthday Twinkies!

I hope the guest high on vicodan is recuperating well. I hope Brad is, too!

Nimmy said...

Happy Birthday Sam and Luke! You are such big boys. The last time I saw you, you both were just learning to walk (with a spika on Sam).

Congratulations Gabi! You've completed a huge journey. Keep going. Only 16 more years until they're on missions!

marta said...

happy happy birthday to those little twin monkeys! i am sad you had to cancel your vacation, but know that you're doing what you must. that is why you are so fabulous.

i suppose our hearts will just have to grow fonder!!

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