Friday, April 13, 2007

All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Spin Class

Tues and Thurs mornings 6 am...I am there! Early morning spin class is the highlight of my week. (Unfortunately, the other joy in my life is eating raw brownie batter and I think the two cancel each other out...) Nevertheless, spin has taught me some important lessons that I think can be applied to the rest of our lives....
1. Always position yourself near a fan; avoid sitting near men in sweatbands.
2. You can never have too much water.
3. Be nice to high school cheerleaders, they will grow up to be your instructor.
4. Do not judge others' abilities, they just may have more resistance on their bikes.
5. Do not judge your own ability, you can handle more tension than you think.
6. Downhill sprints are much more fun than uphill climbs.
7. Listening to "Beautiful Day" by U-2 makes any climb bearable.
8. Take time to breathe.
9. Wearing expensive gear doesn't make up for lack of talent.
10. Always wipe down the seat when you're done.


Stie said...

Such great wisdom and life lessons - I love it!

Marty: said...

Can you sit next to women wearing sweatbands?

anna jo said...

but expensive gear does make you look cooler... and it's just fun.

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