Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sambo's Turn

"I almos' free!" is his new line. It is truly amazing to realize in just a month he will really be free-years-old and into kid-hood. These days S is into Lightning McQueen, mom&me gymnastics, the trampoline, and pouring water from one container to another...over and over and over!
Because he looks so much like his dad and that side of the family tree, it is hard to see any of myself in Sambo. (I think that is the problem with 'biological''re always trying to figure out who they look like and where their traits came from. Adopted kids are easier to accept as they are!) From his father, S has inherited a very independent streak, a love of precision and (according to the shoe salesman) big, sweaty feet. However, today he sat very still for six storybooks in a row and ate approximately a half-pound of raw cookie I think he's mine, too!
Although he's tough on the outside, with his football-player physique, Mr. S. is teddy-bear tender. Often he asks, "You happy, Momma?" and he always checks my reaction to the other kids' behavior. I feel that he may be the one who takes care of me when I'm old. (I'll be screening future wives very carefully...)
This is also the kid who has the throw-himself-on-the-floor-in-public-places kind of meltdowns. His scream can shatter crystal and he has been known to bite. Luckily, Sambo's social skills are very advanced and he can charm just about anyone his million dollar smile.
What can I say? Temper tantrums come and go, but dimples last forever!

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