Saturday, March 17, 2007

Public Places Where My Kids Have Thrown Up

1. McDonald's
2. School bus
3. Airplane
4. Teacher's desk
5. Toy store play area**

**Actually, this last entry was not one of my kids...but my 14-year-old "mother's helper" who I had hired to help me while running errands. It's amazing how little you feel like paying your babysitter after cleaning up her vomit!


Stie said...

McKay once threw up all over the back of my car, down in between the seats, etc. It was late and I had to get to Target to pick up something that was critically important (can't remember now for the life of me what it was). I was in traffic when he threw up and couldn't pull over. The next exit was Target, so we continued on. I figured, since were already there...(I know, worst mother ever). Put my sick, puked-on little boy (and brother Chase, and baby Hannah) into a cart and trotted through the store. It was awful and we had to get the car detailed the next day. It took them a few days to get all the vomit out of the nooks and crannies. It was such a mess. YUCK!

mama jo said...

russ threw up once in kmart, i was rushing around because i had out of town guests coming and i was holding him in my arms...he threw up all over me, him and the are so fun.

Gramafolly said...

Throwing up children are the worst! They just go for it where ever they are. My old couch had been thrown up on multiple times, mostly by Tyler, who just refused to get up..

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