Saturday, March 31, 2007

And last, but not least...

Imp-- noun
1. a little devil or demon
2. a mischievous child
All I can say about my fourth child is that it is a good thing he had you-know-who for an older brother! Since child #1 was SO hyper, SO dangerous and SO daring, I am completely mellow and rarely alarmed when #4 does his monkey impersonation.
This guy likes climbing, swinging, jumping, and living life on the edge. He pushes the kitchen step-stool around like it is on skates...using it to gain access to chocolate chips, goldfish crackers and Tums. His main obsessions are water, matches, food coloring and I have to keep an eye on him at all times! He can be very quiet and sneaky. He has also conned his wombmate into becoming accomplice to the following crimes: flooding all four of our bathrooms, painting the walls with White-Out and stuffing pennies in the car CD player.
Luckily, L. is extremely adorable. His personality is charming and generally very seems like he talks his twin into doing all the dirty work, like throwing a Sam-trum so they both can have an ice cream sandwich!
The main squeeze in "Gukey's" life is his kiki...a grey, smelly, usually damp blanket that has gone beyond the typical comfort object. Each twin started out with three kikis...and now L. is down to only one. I shudder to think what will happen if it ever gets lost. (One night, a babysitter could not find it, and hours later, on that frosty winter night, I found my little guy curled up in the corner of his crib, with only Check-Up-Elmo for warmth!)
My little Linus reminds me a lot of his uncle Josh, his Opa, and a little of William Shatner (especially when he cries). He is sensitive and artistic and likes "alone time". Every night he rocks in his crib until it bangs into the wall...the pediatrician calls it "self-soothing" and he does not like being disturbed at naptime until he decides he is ready. I guess even imps need to decompress sometimes!

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Stie said...

So cute to meet all your darlings from your point of view. Love them all!

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